Tag: Robert de Niro

Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

HOLLYWOOD—Last week the nominees for the 2024 Academy Awards a.k.a. as the Oscars were announced. We can now analyze who is likely to be...

“Joker” Is A Haunting Piece Of Cinema!

HOLLYWOOD—This is a review that might have been the most analytical I’ve written in years as a film critic. To say that I’m torn,...

Movies At Tribeca Film Festival!

HOLLYWOOD—Everyone wants to land a dream job, however little did she know what she was getting into. Emma Watson stars in a thriller titled...

“Dirty Grandpa” Too Crude To Be Funny

HOLLYWOOD—It has been said time and time again that doing comedy is no easy task. People point out the importance of simplicity, while others...

“The Intern” Rivals Action Movies And Delivers

HOLLYWOOD—For the record, Nancy Meyers is one of my favorite directors and when I received word about a year ago that she would be making...

“Hotel Transylvania 2” Dominates Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—The final weekend of September made for an an interesting weekend at the box office. The animated sequel “Hotel Transylvania 2” dominated theaters with...
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