Tag: Siblings

Sibling Rivalry Madness

UNITED STATES—For those Americans who have siblings, you understand that you squabble with your siblings it’s a passage of rite. However, at the same...

“The Boss Baby” Delivers The Laughs

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time I laughed out loud inside the movie theater courtesy of a flick about the joys and the sorrows...

John Adams Middle School Closes Due To Illness

SANTA MONICA—A contagious gastrointestinal illness spread amongst a group of students from John Adams Middle School (JAMS) in Santa Monica after a five-day science...

Older Sibling Vs. Younger Sibling

UNITED STATES—Ok, this column might not apply to all people, but for those with a sibling this is a column that will totally connect...

Sibling Rivalry

UNITED STATES—I want to tell you a story; share with you how sibling rivalries sometimes go a bit deeper than one would expect. For...
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