HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time I laughed out loud inside the movie theater courtesy of a flick about the joys and the sorrows of an expanding family. The new animated flick, “The Boss Baby” starring Alec Baldwin as the voice of the title character is a hoot of fun people. I know I say this often, but I seriously suspect more than 75 percent of all animated flicks are actually made for adults, but appeal to children because of their animated features.

The movie chronicles the life of 7-year-old Timothy Templeton (voice of Toby Maguire) whose life couldn’t be any better; he has his parents wrapped around his fingers and on top of that his imagination is unlike anything else. I think that is the case with any kid who has no sibling; you’re forced to find ways to entertain yourself. However, everything changes for Timothy when his parents reveal that they’re having another baby and Tim should get used to having a baby brother.

It’s a typical love and hate relationship people; the new baby, Theodore (voice of Alec Baldwin) is getting all the attention from his parents and Tim is none too happy about it. Those nightly stories and multiple hugs have gone out the window, leaving Tim developing a level of resentment against his little brother. This leads our protagonist to do a bit of sleuthing and he discovers that his brother isn’t who he says he is. He can talk and is the top man in charge at Baby Corp., a corporation that delivers babies to families.

I’ll be honest as a viewer, I was slightly thrown off by the narrative a bit, however, I suspect it aimed to present to kids with a bit of knowledge on where ‘babies’ actually come from. I mean it is indeed a question that comes up time and time again with most parents. So for a movie to present the answer in a way that most children can understand works. The rest of the movie entertains with the back and forth hijinks between Theodore and Tim as they attempt to outwit each other, but soon bond at the thought of having to prevent a former Baby Corp. employee from introducing a new puppy that would make the ‘baby’ the least adored thing in the world.

“The Boss Baby” presents a vital message for kids: the idea of having a sibling is not as bad as one expects. The thought of having a sibling might be scary for most because things they have become accustomed to, begin to vanish, however, as time advances siblings begin to develop a bond that is unbreakable. I think a sibling teaches a child the importance of unconditional love; the love that they received from their parents, they can now deliver that love to someone who will ultimately look up to them and seek guidance from them.

While so many think “The Boss Baby” is all about kids, it’s not. It’s an animated flick with plenty of heart and will without a doubt take many adults back to their childhood as they faced the horror of discovering they would no longer be the only child running amuck in the house. “The Boss Baby” is nostalgic, hilarious and has a lot of heart.