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“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘The Thorn In My Thumb’

HOLLYWOOD—I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode of “Survivor.” It brought that chaos, tension and surprises during a Tribal Council where the Shot in the...

“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘I’m Not Batman, I’m The Canadian’

HOLLYWOOD—This is the episode of the latest season of “Survivor” that I have been waiting for, where the tribes all become one. Why? It’s...

“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘I Don’t Want To Be The Worm’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week the Reba tribe went to Tribal Council on “Survivor 45” and we had another quit. This week’s episode, ‘I Don’t Want to...

“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘Music To My Ears’

HOLLYWOOD—Well it hasn’t transpired in the new era of “Survivor,” but I am indeed glad to see the tribe swap in play on “Survivor...

“Survivor 45” Recap: ‘Brought a Bazooka To A Tea Party’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere episode for season 45 of “Survivor” was a bit of a bummer for me. I had much higher expectations and that...

“Survivor 45” Season Premiere Recap

HOLLYWOOD—The Fall guilty pleasure is back people. Yes, season 45 of the CBS reality competition “Survivor” kicked off on Wednesday, September 27 with 18...
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