HOLLYWOOD—I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s episode of “Survivor.” It brought that chaos, tension and surprises during a Tribal Council where the Shot in the Dark ACTUALLY worked for a player, and a blindside erupted as a result. This week’s episode, ‘The Thorn in my Thumb’ planned to intensify that mayhem with not one boot, but two boots.  Seeing Kaleb reveal in the move that he made saving himself in a way that no one expected, and the 11 votes that is indeed a record in “Survivor” history.

What the hell is Bruce doing? He is literally trying to expose Katurah right in front of Austin and Drew. Truth be told I wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce get the boot, he is annoying me just as Katurah has been pointing out since the start of the game. Kaleb and Katurah chatted and the two spilled that Bruce is not one to be trusted and so did Kellie and Kendra. They are starting to realize he’s unpredictable, which is dangerous. Kaleb surviving that Tribal Council is huge because he has people who want to work with him. Emily trusts him, while she also focused on her bond with Austin who now has a fully functional idol that can be used up until the Final Five.

Jake realized he needs Kaleb in the game, and he is trying to build his army, but Bruce is still proving to be difficult to work with and his stupid analogies. Kellie even pointed out Bruce’s antics, and he’s still not listening. Kellie and Jake chatted that they need to band together to ensure they have the numbers to make it far in the game. The building of the army would have been great, if we didn’t get the double Tribal Council, where two people would be safe. This really stifles what could have been riveting gameplay, if I’m being honest.

This is indeed early for a Tribal Council, as the episode is only 20 minutes in. We have two groups of six, two Immunity winners, and there is a reward in play as well for the longest lasting player. I would expect an advantage to be in play. Jeff dropped the bomb that the longest lasting person would go to Tribal Council last, so whichever team heads to TC first will NOT make the jury. Bummer. So the Red Team is Jake, Dee, Austin, Julie, Kaleb and Katurah. Red is looking strong for Reba. The Blue team is Emily, Kendra, Bruce, Sifu, Kellie and Drew. Blue not looking great for Sifu and Drew, and Emily was first out for Blue and Julie for Red.

Damn this challenge is not lasting long at all, there was just two remaining on Blue with Kellie and Drew. On Red, it was Dee looking quite strong. Kellie won immunity and Dee won immunity, but who would win the reward? Dammit Jeff, please shut up so the contestants can focus, but it was Dee who pulled out the ultimate prize for her team. Blue heads back to the old Lulu camp as they prepare to see who is voted out of the game.

Yeah, Red was enjoying food, but members started to realize they could be in trouble. We could be looking at a three vs. three battle. Jake wants to use Kaleb as a shield, and I’m certain that Katurah wants Kaleb also, which means Dee, Julie and Austin are going to work tight. Jake is looking at Julie to weaken Dee, but he doesn’t realize Austin is a bigger threat.

Back at Lulu, Drew knew he was in trouble and wanted to point the target at Sifu and he could utilize his Safety without Power. Drew is a bozo; he left his bag at the other camp. Kendra however, wanted to go after Bruce which I don’t think is smart. He’s a number for you right now. Bruce does have an idol and if he’s smart, he would play it; and Bruce was spot-on that Kendra was dropping his name. That Sifu has an idol is bonkers, he doesn’t have one. Kellie is smart, not wise to target Bruce, he’s a number you need, and she doesn’t want to lose an ally who is loyal to her.

Back at the new camp, Austin is playing, he wants to keep Kaleb as a shield and he’s smart. Dee told Jake that Kaleb was the target, and Dee is talking too much of a big game and it is going to bite her in the butt. Damn, Kaleb told Austin about Drew’s idol, which Jake was unaware of. Jake pushed Julie and he’s reading that Austin might not want to go to rocks. Oh, this is scary and that flash-forward has me concerned, but this editing is telling us how a Tribal Council is going to happen before it actually happens! This is brilliant editing. However, Katurah got the news that Bruce has an idol.

Katurah and Bruce realize there could be a split vote, but Katurah realized she was hoodwinked by Jake about the Bruce idol. Yeah, that does not bode well, and I think Katurah is going vote with Reba because she doesn’t trust Belo. Kaleb should have said NOTHING ABOUT BRUCE’S IDOL. Back at old Lulu, Sifu felt he was in danger, but Kellie working to save Bruce because he can protect them for a while. Kendra wanted Drew to vote for Sifu, but Drew wanted to go after Bruce. Drew wanted to work Kendra to take out Bruce, but Kendra is doing too much and singing alarm bells for Bruce.

I must admit I didn’t think “Survivor” would be able to top last week’s episode, but this episode is delivering on so many fronts with the tension, the flipping and the uncertainty. I cannot wait for this Tribal Council’s people. Who knew night 14 in the game of “Survivor” could be so riveting. The first Tribal Council proved theatrical with people showing their colors quite early i.e. Kendra, Drew and Bruce. Sifu sort of threw in the towel and it felt bad to see because it’s feeling like he might be the obvious boot here. Sifu made a strong pitch, but I don’t think it was enough. Wow, Bruce didn’t play his idol, and I gasped after he got a vote, but it was Sifu which makes me realize this next TC might be the fireworks. Really sucks Sifu is out before jury after being this close.

Now the TC I really wanted to see is underway, with not much drama to start and with time ticking are we seeing something epic here or not? It was a damper too, as Kaleb was booted four to two. I knew it, Katurah made a bad move, because Kaleb was an ally for you, and you probably lost Jake. I fear Katurah is not winning the game after that move. Emily, Kellie, Kendra, Bruce and now Jake are all against her, she has to play with Reba to survive which means she has to build some serious bonds. Next week the auction returns something we haven’t seen in a very long time, and I couldn’t be more pleased to be honest. Started off strong, but the TC’s really dropped the impact of things “Survivor” fanatics!