Tag: Style

Fads Influence Contemporary Garden Design

UNITED STATES—Landscape design and gardening trends change like every other sort of fashion. Several fads of the past were quite practical and justifiable. Many...

Why Hipster Fashion Is All About The Glasses

UNITED STATES—The term “hipster” evokes different images for different people. Some picture men with moustaches, others picture women in plaid skirts. Some consider it...

How To Choose The Right One Interior Style?

UNITED STATES—Imagine: a long-awaited moment - you move or decide to “freshen up” the old interior, but instead of joy you suddenly feel doubts:...

An Angel Of God

MADRID—One comes to this city, especially a wayfarer from the City of Angels and finds that it is exceptionally quiet. Even on a Monday....

Elkabetz Inc. Remodels With A Family Atmosphere

LOS ANGELES—Elkabetz Inc. is a construction company that serves homeowners in the Los Angeles region. Owner, Vitali Elkabetz, granted Canyon News the opportunity to...

Night School 54: Mysteries

HOLLYWOOD—Between classes, Jason boogied over to Samuel French in Studio City to procure a rhyming dictionary. The smell of the plays, the fresh printers...
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