LOS ANGELES—Elkabetz Inc. is a construction company that serves homeowners in the Los Angeles region. Owner, Vitali Elkabetz, granted Canyon News the opportunity to discuss his business and how the clients are the main focus for Elkabetz Inc.

Elkabetz told Canyon News that Elkabetz Inc. is a family run business that has been operating since the 1990s. They got their start in Los Angeles and now work in the counties of Los Angeles, Ventura and San Jose.

The business specializes in remodeling projects and construction on new and existing homes. The remodeling projects include new construction, full blown remodels and additions, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and building hillside decks. The company website has a gallery full of beautiful remodels that have led to Elkabetz Inc. gaining an impeccable reputation for their quality craftsmanship and professional demeanor.

In the past, Elkabetz told Canyon News, they did commercial work. For example, they have done remodelling work on the Organic Pharmacy on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills and at The Saban Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. Now the company focuses more on residential remodels that can be found on North Roxbury Drive and Benedict Canyon Drive in Beverly Hills.

One noteworthy upcoming remodel project Elkabetz talked about is on North Orange Avenue. This is a remodel of a 2800 square foot area with a new modern design. Elkabetz said that Elkabetz Inc. can work with any kind of design and additions, including modern design, and specializes in high-end kitchens.

“We are very close with each of our clients. Every client is a part of our family,” Elkabetz told Canyon News. “We don’t just try to make a sale. We care about the client and we hear what the client has to say.”

Elkabetz wanted it to be known that their company is a friendly business with a big family including clientele. The business takes an honest approach and schedules a meeting with the client to gather all the information on the prospective project and to give estimates to make sure the project is affordable for the client. The impact of their customer service is shown in the Testimonials page on the website:

“Elkabetz Inc. is a life saver!” a customer named Dan said. “I recently started a construction project in Westwood (West l.a) with another contractor which turned into a total disaster. After the original contractor abandoned the project unexpectedly, I discovered that half the work had been done incorrectly and the other half wasn’t done according to the plans. Vitali Elkabetz stepped in and saved the project! Not only did they take over a problematic job midstream (which many contractors won’t do) but they completed the project perfectly–on time, on budget and with high quality work.”

“In 2009, we hired Elkabetz Inc. for an addition to our home in West Los Angeles,” Shane and Frieda Boroomand said on the website. “We were extremely pleased with their honesty, workmanship and the professional manner in which they did everything.”

For more information on Vitali Elkabetz’s company, Elkabetz Inc, visit www.elkabetz.com or contact them at 1-888-335-7270.