Tag: Suicide Squad

“Don’t Breathe” Wins Labor Day Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—It was a slow weekend at the box-office as the end of summer neared and the beginning of school kicked into full gear. “Don’t...

“Suicide Squad” Wins Third Consecutive Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—For a third consecutive weekend, “Suicide Squad” reigned supreme at the box-office adding another $20.7 million to maintain the top spot with moviegoers. After...

“Suicide Squad” Exciting, But Also Flat

HOLLYWOOD—Hmm, what can I say about the comic-book driven, action-adventure “Suicide Squad.” Let’s utilize the term ‘interesting.’ Rather that is a good thing or...

“Suicide Squad” Edges Out “Sausage Party” At Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It was an interesting battle at the box-office this weekend, as last week’s champ “Suicide Squad” took on an animated flick that was absolutely...

“Suicide Squad” Destroys The Competition

HOLLYWOOD—It was an interesting weekend at the box-office as a hotly-anticipated comic book flick hit the box-office, but not amidst a bit of controversy. The DC...

“Captain America,” “Ghostbusters” And More Summer Movies

HOLLYWOOD—Well, summer is upon us Americans and the movie season is about to kick-off with plenty of sequels, prequels, remakes and big-time block-blusters to...
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