Tag: Tampa Bay Rays

Los Angeles Dodgers Are World Series Champs

ARLINGTON,TX—For the first time in thirty two years, the iconic Los Angeles Dodgers have brought home baseball's world championship. The Dodgers have captured their...

Dodgers Rebound To Take Critical Game 5

ARLINGTON, TX—After the ninth inning meltdown in Game 4 of the World Series, when they were one strike away from a commanding 3-1 lead,...

Dodgers Roll In Pivotal Game 3

ARLINGTON, TX—Just barely two weeks after the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Title, the Los Angeles Dodgers have once again reached The World...

The Astros Aim To Win Another World Series

HOUSTON, TX—The 2017 World Series Champs are headed back to the ALCS for a chance at another ring after defeating the Tampa Bay Rays...

Yankees Sweep, While Three Teams Wait To Clinch Divisions

UNITED STATES—Monday, October 7 was full of nail-biting excitement for baseball fans across the nation as the New York Yankees swept the Minnesota Twins...
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