Tag: The Flash

“Justice League” Is Not Perfect, But Fun

HOLLYWOOD—It is never an easy task to bring a caliber of superheroes together in one movie. When you have so many characters, and standouts...

“The Flash” Energizes For Season 3

HOLLYWOOD—Honestly, it’s rare in the TV world where the second season of a hit series turns out to be better than the first season....

“The Flash,” Season 2 Returns For More Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Last season I became an avid fan of The CW superhero hit “The Flash.” Yes, it’s difficult to find a series that matches the...

“The Flash,” Riveting End To First Season

HOLLYWOOD—I’m not a comic book geek, but I’m an avid fan of superhero movies and their TV counterparts. “The Flash” has been a major...

“Arrow” Delivers Shockers For Season 3 Finale!

HOLLYWOOD—The third season of “Arrow” has been filled with twists since the first episode. Rather it was the unexpected death of Sara Lance, to...

The Best Of 2014

HOLLYWOOD—Wow, can you believe it, 2014 only has about a week left before 2015 comes ushering in. There were many great things that occurred...
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