Tag: thoughts

Thinking Rationally

UNITED STATES—Sometimes in the heat of the moment we just say things not realizing what we just said could have a dramatic impact on...

Endless Thoughts

UNITED STATES—I recently had an interesting conversation with someone about rather it is fully possible to control your thoughts. I’m a firm believer of...

Dreams Can Rattle You

UNITED STATES—I’m someone who sleeps best when I’m not dreaming. Yes, I know this sounds foreign, it might even sound crazy to some people,...

Talking Without Listening

UNITED STATES—Let me be clear this is not a column aimed at the issue of people expressing their opinion, which I know many people...

The Energy Around You Matters!

UNITED STATES—I tend to push this mantra on people more than I expect, but I think it has its level of importance. It is...

Positive Thoughts, Negative Energy

UNITED STATES—Positive energy, negative energy, we all deal with bouts of it on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. We have days that are good...
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