Tag: Tomorrowland

“San Andreas” Rattles Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—Well a disaster movie took the top spot at the box-office, as “San Andreas” rattled moviegoers with an impressive $53.2 million. Many speculated that...

“Tomorrowland” Is Imaginative Fun

HOLLYWOOD—Hmmm, when I first heard about the movie “Tomorrowland” I did my best to categorize the flick. Was it an action movie, a sci-fi...

“Tomorrowland” Wins Memorial Day Weekend

HOLLYWOOD—This might be the first time in the four-day Memorial holiday weekend, that the box-office didn’t produce epic numbers. Last week “Pitch Perfect” and...

“Pitch Perfect 2” Explodes The Box-Office

HOLLYWOOD—It is official, the summer box-office will be a competition till the end of August. The sequel “Pitch Perfect 2” singed its way to...
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