Tag: Tripp

Walls Closing In On Claire On “Days!”

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time a soap opera had a character who was so deliciously evil, but had a charm to her that...

Lives Explode On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—Who knew a run for mayor in the town of Salem could become so nasty on “Days of Our Lives.” Eve Donovan, ugh, I...

Abigail Committed On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—Just when the audience thinks Gabi Hernandez (I am now secretly rooting against her) might take a fall, she gets a victory on “Days...

Ben Weston Returns To “Days!”

HOLLYWOOD—I have to admit it was his character that caused me to reignite my interest in the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Do...

Kate Roberts Gets Busted On “Days Of Our Lives!”

HOLLYWOOD—The wheels just keep on churning on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The big tale of the hour is the miraculous return...
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