HOLLYWOOD—The wheels just keep on churning on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The big tale of the hour is the miraculous return of Will Horton, but fans are also indulging in on the tragic shooting of Theo Carver, and things are heating up on both fronts. First, JJ has been in a deep, dark depression after shooting Theo, putting him in a coma, and virtually leaving the fate of his former girlfriend’s brother up in the air. Making the situation worse, is he could lose his badge and potentially face charges, especially if Mayor Abe Carver goes for his jugular.

So this brings us to the big mystery of the hour, why hasn’t anyone figured out what led to Theo attempting to break into that warehouse to begin with? Um, I know: KATE ROBERTS-DIMERA! Kate has been left shaken with Theo’s shooting, more so because Andre DiMera knows what she did, as does Tripp, Steve’s son, who Kate has been blackmailing to keep his mouth shut. Well, the cat is out of the bag, as Tripp revealed the truth to dear ole dad, just as Kayla got suspicions that Kate might be more intertwined with Theo’s shooting than anyone expected.

Why is this important? Well, both Steve and Kayla know all about Kate’s role in Theo’s role with DiMera Enterprises, which led to his shooting. So if this information gets back to Abe and Chad, we can expect some major fallout people, major. Kate has always been one to cover her tracks, which means she is going to need Lucas (who has finally confessed to being an alcoholic) and her daughter Billie (hi, Lisa Rinna!) by her side more than ever. That’s right people, Billie is set to return to Salem in the coming weeks, how big and what brings her return is still up in the air.

So let us chat a bit more about Will Horton. He has learned the truth about Susan brainwashing him, and has returned to Salem to try to learn a bit more about his life. What I can say is that this is the Will Horton that soap fans have come to love; he’s snarky, rude, blunt and just as conniving. I mean this guy has gone toe-to-toe with Sami, and rightfully so. I mean she tried to recreate her son’s murder utilizing Ben Weston. That is just sick and twisted.

However, after a chat with Eric, Will was willing to give his mother a chance. What’s the problem; he discovered some evidence that could put Sami in a bad spot. He found Hope’s engagement ring in Sami’s room! Why is that of importance? Um, Sami slept with Rafe, who is riddled with guilt because Hope wants to work on their relationship. Yeah, this secret is going to explode when it is unearthed and all parties involved will need some therapy, especially Rafe. Will has his hand in plenty of cookie jars, I mean I never imagined that Sonny would break things off with Paul, and Will and Paul would share a kiss.

I mean Paul is the same guy who led to the destruction of Will and Sonny’s relationship the first time. So imagine how Sonny will react when he learns that Will (whose memory may or may not come back) is more interested in Paul, and not him. I mean Paul has every right to go after Will considering Sonny clipped the chord. It was only 2 months ago that Sonny and Paul were about to walk down the aisle, so to pull the trigger so quickly is brutal for Paul.

There are a few things I still want to discuss. I mean how in the world could “Days” tease us with that Kristin reveal and not give the audience some sort of follow-up. I mean she virtually confirmed that EJ DiMera is alive, but where the hell is he? On top of that, is Kristen about to return to Salem to wreck a bit of havoc for Brady? It would be a nice development people. Why? Brady has his hands full dealing with that heartbreak from Nicole, and the unexpected return of Eve. I mean Eve knows Brady is drinking again, and could you imagine the catfights that could explode between Kristen and Eve; it would be must-see TV people, I mean must-see TV!

Oh, the surprises keep coming because Nicole is returning to Salem for the holidays, and Sami has just bid farewell. Why does it seem Sami always returns to town like tornado and then leaves utter devastation before she just vanishes. Those are the “Days of Our Lives” people!