HOLLYWOOD—That was quick to say the least. Yeah, it looks like Taylor Hayes has a new love interest on “The Bold and the Beautiful” and its one nobody ever expected. I was wondering why Reese Buckingham, Zoe’s father decided to return to his daughter’s orbit, we now know why? The guy is a womanizer and it is something that worries Zoe greatly. Let’s back up a quick second, Zoe was stalking Xander, but got busted by everyone before being offered a job at Forrester Creations and the rest is history.

What about Emma? As quick as she came onto the scene, she was dismissed and now Zoe and Xander are an item, and we finally get to understand her fractured relationship with dear ole dad. Reese is a bit of womanizer, and he has set his sights on Taylor of all people, but it also seems that he has some money or credit problems. It was teased, but not fully explored just yet, this should be interesting people. Taylor and Reese have already shared a kiss, and if my intuition is correct, this is a guy who has a devilish past when it comes to women. Let’s play this by ear to see how it unfolds, but I’m sensing Taylor is about to have a major ally in her fight against Bill, Liam, Hope and Brooke, as he has mixed himself up with this mess coming to Taylor’s defense during her argument with Brooke. Should Brooke be worried? In my personal opinion, yes she should.

Yes, it looks like the rivalry between Brooke and Taylor is about to heat up, as Brooke is just itching to spill the tea about Taylor shooting Bill to anyone who would listen. The sanctimonious attitudes from both Brooke and Hope are starting to irk my last nerves. Brooke you are no saint, and Hope give it a rest already. Jeez, the girl has a personality of a cardboard box, and it was such a treat to see Liam call out Ridge on his antics which left his father nearly dead after falling off a balcony.

If Brooke is so determined to tell the truth, how about spilling the beans that Bill was responsible for setting that fire at Spectra Fashions that nearly killed Sally. Hmm, why hasn’t that secret been disclosed Brooke? Do you pick and choose who you want to share things with? It certainly seems like it. This Brooke and Hope versus Steffy and Taylor battle is starting to really heat up and Liam and Bill have found themselves smack in the middle of the melee. Sides will be chosen, hearts will be broken and hell will be unleashed along the way people.

The other big news in the “B&B” world is the return of Maya Forrester. Well it’s about time, we know actress Kara Mosley was on paternity leave, and it’s no secret that Jacob Young  aka Rick Forrester was taken off contract at the soap, so I wonder what drama Maya will bring to the table now. If the character is back, the writers must have cooked up something juicy to keep her busy to say the least. Could she finally rekindle that flame she had with Carter? We shall see people.