HOLLYWOOD—It is the family that will constantly, and I mean constantly, double cross one another to get what they want on “Days of Our Lives.” I am talking about the DiMera clan. For starters, if you thought the war for the DiMera empire was over, you’d be wrong. Why? Stefan and Gabi are determined to get control of the family business and they might have crossed the line with their latest stunt. How so? Doctoring a video to make it look like Kristen was abusing Rachel.

The video was fake, and even Gabi was having second thoughts about it, but Stefan was all in. They confronted Kristen with the video and she was not pleased. She signed over her shares, but this is proof this is the catalyst that will lead to the departure of Gabi Hernandez from the soap opera. I’m truly hoping murder is not the end, but considering ALL THE WICKED THINGS Gabi has done, it would be fitting. November Sweeps are upon us, so it could be headed in that direction.

Theresa and Konstantin’s ruse involving Victor, his Will and the son he wanted no one to know about looks like it will be exposed a lot sooner than later. Why? Theresa is just messy and Sarah and Xander, as bitter as they are towards one another, they care about Maggie’s wellbeing and are already picking up on potential clues. Konstantin talking to Theresa in the Kiriakis mansion is not smart, and Theresa dropping small tips doesn’t help the situation either.

Alex and Theresa, I don’t hate the relationship, but I don’t love it. Why? Well, it is casting people. Jen Lilley was perfection in the role, and I’m just not seeing the former Gwen as the new Theresa. She’s not delivering what I want to see from the character on my TV screen. We do however have that confirmation that Theresa and Konstantin swapped Victor’s Will to make it appear that Alex is the heir, when the truth is XANDER is his child. Yeah, talk about Xander being hit with a ton of bricks when that bomb drops because Maggie, Sarah and Xander will not know how to react.

Talk about mess in relationships, Chad is slowly, but surely pushing Stephanie away more and more. Look, he is grieving Abigail, but if he was NOT ready for a relationship, he shouldn’t have jumped into one. This woman has stood by your side, taking your subtle digs, but enough is enough already, and if they sever ties I wouldn’t blame Chad because he’s just not ready to love again. Stephanie’s world was only complicated more by the return of her ex, Everett, who arrived in Salem looking for another shot with his former flame.

Stephanie is indeed in a dilemma, as the guy who she thought ghosted her was hit by a car and placed in a coma, so he says. Kate gave Chad a bit of tough love and it’s apparent the cracks between Stephanie and Chad are indeed growing, and with Everett now in the mix and Alex out, let the mayhem begin. EJ is still determined to marry Nicole even though she is hesitant and still mourns for Eric Brady, who she still holds a torch for.

If ONLY they knew the bun in the oven actually belonged to Eric and not EJ. Brady himself is at odds with Gabi and Stefan after they double crossed him in their plot to get Kristen’s shares and left him out in the cold when it came to him regaining custody of his daughter, Rachel. A war is brewing and I feel like casualties are about to come into play.