UNITED STATES—Wow, that’s the only thing I could say after watching that sit-down interview with Megyn Kelly of FOX News Channel. I kinda had my skepticism about watching the interview cause I wasn’t really certain if Kelly was really going to ask those questions the viewers had hoped to have answered. To my surprise she did, while she didn’t go for the jugular she sked some questions that did indeed leave Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar slightly unnerved. The scandal involving their son Josh Duggar has not only sparked a media outrage, but a national debate about the issue of child molestation in America.

That was one of the questions that Kelly attempted to decipher and answer from the parents. If there son Josh was indeed a pedophile, which both Michelle and Jim Bob denied as the incidents occurred when Josh was still a minor. That still begs the question: does that make it right? No.

Hearing the parents detail precisely what transpired and having them describe in detail the incidents that took place in their home was difficult to hear. My first thought was when they discovered this happened the first time they took precautions, but it wasn’t enough.

As a parent, if you hear that your child has been touched inappropriately, most would move Heaven and Hell to ensure nothing, and I mean nothing like this ever happened again. To hear both parents describe the incidents as if the children never even knew about it because they were sleeping just left me slightly unnerved. That doesn’t necessarily make it any better. These children were victimized, and what’s worse is it was at the hands of their own brother.

I mean it took them until the third incident where Josh had inappropriately touched one of his sisters who was under the age of 10 to seriously take action and remove the teen from the home. No. No freaking way, he should have been removed the first time it happened. I just don’t understand how as parents they could somehow put a spin on the situation to attempt to put Josh in a good light. What he did was horrific, disgusting and downright disturbing.

The issue of those police records being sealed or wrongly ‘leaked’ as Michelle and Jim Bob alluded to is a bunch of baloney. I find it so hard for an incident to happen on multiple occasions not be reported to authorities so that the right course of action is taken. Sending your son to do hard manual labor is NOT going to reform him from having these urges to touch little girls.

It’s not, I’m sorry. He should have been treated with some sort of therapy and psychological help to ensure that he fully understood what he did was wrong. If he did it once and bravely apologized for his actions, but turns around and does it a second and third time, what is stopping him from doing it once again.

The Duggars gambled with their daughter’s safety and well-being in my opinion and it’s quite hard to justify such a thing, even though they attempted to do so more than once during the interview. I couldn’t help, but see Michelle clamor up when Kelly asked her a question regarding her stance on the transgender community in light of the revelation about her son. She was stumped and had no idea how to respond to that question.

The second part of the interview was just heartbreaking. To watch Jill and Jessa Duggar, two of Josh’s victims have to relive the scrutiny of what has been exposed to the masses was devastating. Yes, these girls are victims, and the fact that they don’t describe themselves as victims of their brother’s actions and what he did to them was a tough pill to swallow.

Those who watched the interview will empathize with the ladies who were forced to live out this atrocity once the news found its way into the public. Now a spotlight has been placed on them that they wished to never have put onto them. The interview left me quite shaken as I couldn’t help, but continue to speculate that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried to conceal what Josh had done. At the same time, my heart breaks for the sisters who were forced to live in a home where their parents didn’t do enough to ensure their well-being was a top priority. It’s sad, a sad, sad, sad, story.