UNITED STATES—It is still happening people: Americans are still quitting their jobs in record numbers that have many people trying to understand and make sense as to why it continues to happen. Well, the answer to that question is quite easy to say the least people. What does that mean? People are quitting because they are fed up. They’ve been stuck at a workplace or a job for weeks, months or for most Americans years, where they quite simply do not feel appreciated or wanted.

I think the one thing that annoys workers most is being undervalued or underappreciated. A simple good job, you worked hard today and I see that, I acknowledge that makes all the difference. However, guess what America, so many bosses and companies fail to deliver those accolades to staff. You know what I hear time and time again: negative energy. Instead seeing what is being done right, so many companies constantly focus on what is wrong, what needs to be improved and how to improve it.

Too many organizations and businesses expect some employees and workers to play the role of Superman. While some people can do that, it can be exhausting as a result. You cannot sit and expect someone to do everything. It just is not possible and even if it is, why in the world would you want that heavy workload and stress? I know the answer; there is no one else to do it! People can only take so much pressure and stress before at times they snap and react without realizing what is actually going on. Then it strikes the business when the person takes a leave of absence, gets sick or takes a vacation.

The company doesn’t know how to operate without that person who is off for a few days or a week at most. Then it clicks for the company, “Oh, that person does a lot more than we realize. We didn’t realize it until we had to do it ourselves.” Precisely, you are forced to walk in the shoes of your employees and discover sometimes what they do is not as easy as you thought it to be.

At the same time, you have that employee or worker reflecting on their job, where questions start to arise: 1) Is this something I want to continue doing? 2) Is this worth the stress? 3) Is this worth the money? 4) Why am I unappreciated? 5) I’m just so unhappy right now with my job.

These are all valid questions and as a result workers take a deep reflection on things and exactly what they want in life. The realization hits them; this job is just not worth it anymore. They’re tired, they want to try something new and experience what else is out there. This is not to say the grass is always greener on the other side, but sometimes in life you have to take that gamble. You never know what else is out there else you take that leap of fate. Can it be scary? More than you can ever imagine, but at the same time are you supposed to just stay miserable at a place of work that you hate?

Now ask yourself, what is it you want out of work and are you getting that from your place of work? If you’re not you might already have the answer to the question. The pandemic opened people’s eyes to be able to have a bit of control and do work that matters and provides substance and purpose to them. Some businesses have yet to realize that which is why the great resignation continues and the hunt for workers is still stressful for so many businesses. If you don’t appreciate the standout workers when you have them, guess what you might lose them and someone else scoops them up. Once that worker is gone that’s it people there is no turning back.

Written By Zoe Mitchell