HOLLYWOOD—I’m so happy 2016 has arrived. The series that has been literally the guiltiest pleasure since “Pretty Little Liars” has returned to kick off its fourth season. Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots” is that type of series that most daytime soaps wish they could be. The characters, the narrative and the surprises leave you clamoring for next week’s episode.

When we last left the Cryer, Harrington and Young clan all sorts of chaos was unfolding. Candace was confronted by Benny and Hanna about the $7 million that happened to fall in her lap. When the truth was revealed, her brother and mother were left speechless. Note, Hanna had just learned her home burned to the ground, and she was granted custody of her grandson Quincy Jr.

Season four kicked off with the episode ‘The Waters Run Deep’ picking up with the shocking moment where David, Veronica, Jim and Katheryn found themselves being arrested by the DA for covering up Wyatt’s accident. Seeing Veronica and Katheryn be brought down a notch was epic; I mean Veronica removing her wig and being cloaked in braids was an indicator that her true self still lies at the core. David and Jim had to suffer the same torture as their wives; those who deliver rulings for the law find themselves being punished by the law. Jim confronted David about his wife’ involvement in Wyatt’s rape, but David refused to acknowledge that his wife is wickedly evil. I mean “The Haves and the Have Nots” knows how to create tension in the smallest ways.

Wyatt has a bit of leverage as he and Jeffrey know about Veronica sleeping with Benny and they have the footage to prove it. Jeffrey has his own drama as he rushed to Candace’s aid when she spotted Quincy brutally beating her up. So how did things end? Jeffrey fatally stabbed the villain who has terrorized his family for the past two seasons. He was a complete mess after realizing he killed someone, Candace reassured her friend with alcohol as she planned her next move; Jeffrey decided to phone the cops. What is there to think about, it was self-defense people!

Maggie and Landon went into crisis mode with an attempt to save David’s opportunity to run for Governor of Georgia. Landon didn’t believe anything Maggie spewed; and she did her best to throw Veronica under the bus in the scandal. Maggie might be opening a can of worms by going after Veronica who will be sure to unleash wholly hell. When Landon learned about that picture of Benny and Veronica, his jaw-dropped! He did his best to talk some sense into her, but her desire to latch onto David was never-ending.

Wow, Candace left me reeling when she utilized her legal talk to prove the fact that she and her pal could face homicide charges, so it was time to cover up. When Jeffrey learned Veronica could pull strings he froze up. Wyatt confessed to District Attorney Jennifer Salis that he was afraid of his parent’s wrath. She devised a plan to see if she could get his inheritance released to him sooner than he expected. Looks like Jeffrey could be the key to ensuring charges against their parents stick.

To see David make threats against Jim if any harm comes to his wife left me reeling. David refuses to see that his love for Veronica is blinding him to her actions. Jim was not the least bit scared of David’s threats. We know he can play dirty, look what David did to Candace. He has no idea how ruthless Candace can be when she learns the truth.

Well it took more than 45 minutes into the episode before audiences got to see what happened with Hanna, Quincy Jr. and Benny. Benny gave his mother a call to apologize for not revealing the truth to her about Candace’s dirty dealings. When Benny revealed he spoke to Veronica about the deed to his house Hanna immediately cut him off.

Hanna is in desperate need of housing, but was not willing to listen to Benny who planned to roll with the punches. Seeing the rift between Benny and Hanna grow in the past few seasons is heartbreaking. I will acknowledge that when Benny notified his mother that Child Protective Services are aware her home burned down it made her question her next move.

Candace decided it was time to move Quincy’s body, which she was unable to do without Jeffrey’s help, who freaked out when he touched the dead body. So much to the point he fled upstairs to take a shower to clean himself up. Veronica became Katheryn’s attorney and revealed that she has already begun preparation to ensure they get cleared of all charges. The episode culminated with Candace and Jeffrey realizing the police were knocking at their door. Hmm, I wonder how they will get out of this one.

‘Temptation Tuesday’ as amply titled by the OWN is back in full-force. Until next Tuesday when we indulge in more drama regarding “Haves and The Have Nots” die-hards!