UNITED STATES—Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, just seven of the countries on President Donald Trump’s executive order that has led to a ban of refugee and immigrants from those countries from entering the United States.

I am an American who I would like to consider myself not politically affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party. I mean let’s face it: they both have issues, neither is perfect. However, for someone who has been frustrated with the constant hate and chaos that has erupted since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States of America, I CANNOT agree with his latest action. In my personal opinion it’s a form or labeling, it’s a form of discrimination. Now, let’s be clear I can understand Trump’s desire to protect our country from a potential terrorist attack. However, there are better ways to implement a plan than by banning people from mostly Muslim countries from entering the U.S.

This disturbs me greatly because it’s a form of discrimination. One cannot label all Muslims as being possible terrorists. It’s egregious, dangerous, and downright shameful to do so. This is nothing more than another form of stereotyping that is the last thing this country needs. When you label people, you further insinuate potential hatred, fear and violence amongst people. I mean I can go through a laundry list of stereotypes that are attached to various races and ethnicities, but I prefer not to do so as I’m no agent of spreading hate or fear in the public sphere.

I mean Trump has found a way to rile up the country in a way that I have never seen in less than 7 days in office. Rather this aim is holding true to what he proposed during his campaign to build a wall preventing illegal immigrants from entering the country, I have the slightest idea. But Americans are not happy. I mean protests have erupted across this country in waves and I mean waves that I am having difficulty understanding. This has not happened as long as I lived on this planet and if Trump does not take a seat back and to actually ‘think’ about what he is doing, what he is saying to Americans, other countries potential allies he is going to cause more harm than actual help.

Yes, I get this argument about being safe, but what if we already have those looking to do harm to individual on American soil already in the country? What then? What about those who are not seeking to harm our nation, they are being punished for the select few who have decided to do so. I mean I could discuss a ton of threats in our country alone, and they’re not of the Muslim faith? Why aren’t we doing something about gun control in this country, alcohol use, drug use, let’s have the discussion people, because these are issues we are also IGNORING!

You do not face terrorism by eliciting and creating fear amongst the country and its citizens, and this is what our current POTUS is doing. People are upset, people are irate, fear is beginning to stifle our country, and I don’t like it. I can’t put thumbs up to a leader who is willing to utilize such tactics to protect us. This action has gotten so bad that even Uber and Lyft have been pulled into the melee, where Uber has face denouncement from celebrities who have advocated stopping usage of the car service if they are not willing to stand against President Trump’s latest action.

Yes, I will ‘respect’ President Trump because he is indeed our Commander in Chief, but I cannot and refuse to champion someone who is looking to spread a level of hatred in an already divided country. Love conquers evil at all times, so I have to ask our leader to not only reconsider what you’re doing, but to develop a better strategy for ensuring the safety of our borders and our country.