UNITED STATES—This is something that has been difficult for me to fathom for a number of years, but as each day passes by my mind is open more and more to the fact that just maybe it’s not as complicated as I would like to think it is. As someone who heavily studied psychology as an undergraduate, I’ve always been fascinated with examining a person’s personality. Why? Well everyone is different to a degree.

However, in recent years I have come to discover that there are some people who enjoy the company of negative energy compared to positive energy. And it raised a very important question for me, why? I am a firm believer that negativity breeds more negativity. You can attempt to twist it, turn it and place every spin you can possibly think of on it, but it does tend to spread by the plague.

I do believe a positive aura can negate that negative energy, but if the positive person fails to remove that negative person from their orbit it could begin to pierce into their psyche. So let’s address the question of the hour, why do negative people love negative thoughts or things?

Well I do believe neuroticism is at the core. Those who are psychology students are well aware of the acronym ‘OCEAN’ which stands for the 5 traits most closely associated with most Americans. If you’re not in the know let me break them down for you: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Neuroticism can be a troubling one as it leads to anxiety for most people, and at the same time it causes a system of worry for a person. It becomes a constant cycle of repeated bad thoughts that sometimes are difficult to shake.

This is where I say re-direct the energy or do a task or do something that allows you to clear your mind of those thoughts that seem to be affecting the energy that you give out. The more you allow something to fester the worse it will get overtime. I do know it’s not the easiest thing to do at times, but I’ve also come to the assessment that if you place yourself in the sphere of those who feed on negative energy you’re only going to allow that energy to stay in your orbit.

I know some people who just start the day off talking about everything negative. The conversation starts with everything that is going wrong in their life. Which makes me question, why are you not focusing on the things in your life that are good. I mean you have a house, you have clothing, you have food, you have a car, you have all your senses, you live in a decent neighborhood, you have family, and the list can go on and on. Perhaps, if they realized things are not as bad as they think, they might appreciate things slightly more. I mean you’re not near death, you’re not homeless, you’re not suffering from hunger, you’re not missing a leg or an arm, you’re not missing your sight; the list can go on and on. Do you see my point?

My biggest argument is to be thankful for the things that you have. Its ok to vent about the negative stuff in life, take it out on a punching bag, scream, shout, yell, but do not just sit and allow that negativity to fester so much in your life you’re not able to focus your energy on anything else of importance.