UNITED STATES—Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan extended the stay-at-home order to include the purchase of what she views as non-essential items.

The first two positive COVID-19 cases in the state were reported on March 10. Governor Whitmer signed a stay-at-home order on April 1, declaring both a State of Emergency and a State of Disaster in Michigan. The order is to limit any person-to-person contact and is in effect through April 30.

The extended stay-at-home order includes everything from obtaining a notary, landscaping services, deliveries, and more.

Canyon News reached out to the Governor Whitmer’s Office on Monday, April 13 and she responded with the following statement:

Governor Whitmer received backlash from her new extended order that limits travel between homes. “If you’re going to make our stay at home, allow us to do the things that help us cope during these times. Allow us to garden, allow us to make home repairs, allow us to do something. This policy of yours is ridiculous,” one resident tweeted.

In an interview with WXYZ 7 Governor Whitmer stated, “It’s not a suggestion. It’s an Order.”

Governor Whitmer noted that rumors regarding the inability to purchase car seats was false. She also noted the purchase of flags and car seats are permitted.