HOLLYWOOD—It is season finale time! Will Richard Roper get taken down by Angela Burr? Will Jed Marshal live through the episode? Will Jonathon Pine get his revenge for the death of Sophie Alekan? First, SPOLIER ALERT, for those who have not watched yet.

Burr and Rex Mayhew are getting investigated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for the mess up that had U.S. troops stop a convoy of actual farm equipment in Turkey. Burr will not give them Pine’s name. Burr’s operation is shut down, but there is a glimpse of hope when Pine calls and craftily lets her know that Roper and the crew are all in the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

In Cairo, Pine gets to meet some old acquaintances from the first episode of “The Night Manager.” First, Sophie Alekan’s old boyfriend, Freddie Hamid. Roper and crew meet with Hamid and Mr. Barghati to talk about the weapons transaction. Pine, as Andrew Birch, receives half of the payment after Roper reassures everyone that no U.S. troops will be invading their convoy.

Pine and Jed find out that Karen Langbourne was hired back on to spy on Jed. Pine then speaks to Burr who arrived in Cairo with Joel Steadman. Lastly, Pine finds his old friend Youssef in the kitchen to ask for his and his brother’s help.

Roper’s crew and Hamid all meet at a casino to hang out. Langbourne asks his wife about Jed, but she protects her like a good friend. At the roulette table Jed places her chips in the order of Roper’s safe’s code so Pine sees. He texts the numbers to Burr then proceeds to drug Hamid’s drink.

Pine offers to take Hamid home since he is “drunk.” Once home Pine questions Hamid about Sophie’s death, and Hamid says Roper was there and one of Roper’s men had killed her. Pine then kills Hamid and dumps him in the pool.

Things escalate quickly from here. Burr breaks into Roper’s room and grabs the paperwork that proves this convoy has weapons. Pine goes with Youssef and his brother to where the shipment of weapons is being kept, sneaking Youssef and his brother in.

Jed tries to open Roper’s safe and suddenly the numbers don’t work. Roper watches her and is not taking any of her excuses. He asks his bodyguard, Frisky, to come in, and now I am not sure Jed is going to live through this episode. Will Pine find her just like he found Sophie years ago?

Pine moves the $300 million from the first half of the transaction into his own account. Jed is being tortured by Frisky and Roper looks like he is letting it happen just for his satisfaction since he knows who the person she is protecting is.

Roper, Pine and Sandy go to make the final shipment transaction and Pine is led into an empty room. Pine tries to play clueless as Roper hits him, has his bodyguard hold him down in a chair, and says he knows Pine is the traitor. Pine is cool and collected until he gets shown a picture of Jed’s harshly battered face.

Meanwhile, Frisky is told to check out Burr’s room. He uses Jed as a human shield while he breaks into the room. Luckily for Jed she sees Burr in the mirror and follows her direction to move while Burr shoots Frisky in the leg.

Roper tells Pine that if he wants Jed to live he needs to continue acting the part of Andrew Birch during the final transaction with Mr. Barghati. When asked to use the phone’s retinol scan to receive the money, Pine instead dials a six digit number, hits send and the entire convoy blows up. Now we know what Youseff and his brother were up to earlier!

Mr. Barghati wants his money back and, after being disrespectful to Barghati’s man, Roper has to agree to Pine’s trade of Jed for the money. As they arrive at the hotel Roper gets to meet Burr and Joel. Roper tries to pin everything on Pine, but when he tries to get back-up from Geoffrey Dromgoole in London he is ignored. Dromgoole took Burr’s man’s advice to ignore Roper.

The season ends with Roper getting arrested along with his men, but instead of the police taking him it is Mr. Barghati and his men. Realizing he is finally caught Roper throws a fit in the back of the van. Jed and Pine get a night together before she heads back to her son in New York.

Pine watches the city outside of the Nefertiti Hotel as this chapter in his life comes to an end. Great season, show, and cast, and I hope AMC keeps up their good repertoire of groundbreaking shows in the future.