UNITED STATES—I have to talk about this because I had no idea that it would explode to such a magnitude. I’m referring to the issue involving Kevin Hart stepping down as the host for the 2019 Academy Awards. It seemed as soon as Hart was announced, he immediately bounced. He said some not so kind things on Twitter, which hit the public sphere in such a big way, that everyone was chatting. Look, what Hart said was stupid, insensitive and careless, however, the Academy should have done its homework on Hart.

In the recent way of news nowadays anything done in your past can come back and haunt you in a major way. This is why I attest to the dangers of social media; people post, tweet and say almost everything and fail to realize that once it’s OUT there, it is very difficult to take it back. I don’t understand how celebrities and the rest of America have yet to realize this. Stop putting your personal opinions out there for everyone to consume, and far worse, don’t get in an uproar when it comes back to haunt you.

If you say something defamatory, racist or  ignorant on social media, you better be prepared for people to bring it up. Hart was asked to issue an apology, but refused noting he addressed the issue in the past. I didn’t hear about it, but even if he did, he should have just apologized again and moved on. The fact that he stepped down I think made the situation much worse than what it was before. I mean now Nick Cannon is placing other comedians on blast via social media for comments they made and rightfully so. Look here is the issue with the Academy Awards; it does not need a host. I mean let’s be honest, tell me the last time the host of the ceremony was so hilarious, so memorable that you have people talking about it today. Yeah, you cannot name one. The Oscars might be one of the most difficult awards shows to emcee. Why? You are catering to an elite audience of sorts; jokes that might appeal to most Americans may not appeal with such an elite culture.

At the same time it’s a balancing act of not going too far, but not being too tame at the same time. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Now news has exploded that the host of the biggest accolade in the entertainment industry only receives $15k. Wow, that is a very, very small amount if you ask me and I thought the host earned a lot more money. With that news I cannot blame so many people for not wanting the job.

With Hart out, Kimmel not wanting another go, DeGeneres tackling the ceremony twice, who else do you have left to host who might be able to do a decent job? Well, Billy Crystal! The guy has hosted more times than anyone else that I can think of and he just knows how to deliver funny jokes that push the envelope without going too far.

To be honest if we didn’t have a host that might be a good thing, you’d be able to shave off another 30-60 minutes from the ceremony eliminating those cringe-worthy openings and impromptu segments that rarely deliver any laughs to begin with.

Written By Kelsey Thomas