HOLLYWOOD—Yeah, last week left fans a bit stunned on “The Oval” when President Hunter Franklin fired a barrage of bullets into Alonzo for what he presumes was an intentional act to kill him. Well this week’s episode, ‘Exit Wound’ dealt with the aftermath of that chaos. Luckily, Alonzo was wearing a bullet proof vest as it was evident that Hunter was out for blood and anyone who gets in his way will pay dearly.

First, Sharon then Kareem, Hunter learned that Sharon was arrested, and Kareem was in the hospital after being struck in the head with a bat. Donald was concerned about the operations that may be taking place inside the pharmacy, and word about Allan being MIA has Kyle and Donald worried. Watching Max bully Kyle’s sidekick who was guarding Simone was such fun.

Eli and Simone had a conversation about her fight with Victoria, as questions about infidelity were raised. Simone is not a bozo; she knows Eli is up to no good, she just needs hard evidence to prove it. An apology would make all of Simone’s worries go away, but her ego is not allowing her to see beyond her fury. Priscilla and Richard whispered about the inner workings of things transpiring with President Hunter Franklin, as speculation about a possible drug overdose came to light.

Hunter pressed Richard about his overdose, even though Richard knows nothing about the situation and threats were levied. Hunter, the person you should be concerned about you’re sleeping with. She set everything in motion, just as Priscilla appears to have also grabbed Hunter’s attention as it pertains to Sam. Hunter, you have given information to Priscilla and Richard that they can use to figure out exactly what Victoria is up to and with whom.

Priscilla is not the one to mess around with Hunter, she has a fiery rage. Yeah, Hunter is off his rocker, I guess a near death experience will do such a thing to a person. Richard confirmed to Priscilla that Sam was at his home all night, so Hunter’s claims are inaccurate. The minds are thinking, especially Priscilla who wants to expose the person sleeping with The First Lady.

Allan was clued in that the people detaining him work for the FBI and they are investigating President Hunter Franklin and his administration. Allan was afraid to spill because he fears Hunter and his goonies will escape. Seriously, Tyler Perry tone down the chaotic energy from Allan as it’s becoming too much at this point. The goal was for Allan to get his hands on Donald’s files, but he was very afraid that he would be killed if he made a move. Hmm, I think this person that the FBI is working with on the inside has to be Simone. If it is not her, who could it be?

Kareem finally woke up from his coma, and his pal informed him that the Secret Service stole their drugs. Kareem was worried that his stash may have killed the POTUS. You didn’t kill him, but you left him near death. Dale informed Kareem that Sharon was arrested for assaulting him. Dale set off an alarm bell when he mentioned the drugs to Kareem. He was not having a good day at all, just as Allan paid him a visit, and this was a side of Allan we haven’t seen before.

Simone had a conversation with Bobby about the situation involving Victoria, the bunker and so much more. She spilled that she heard Eli having a conversation with Victoria and questioned Bobby about Eli’s antics. Simone, Bobby does know more than he is leading on, but he is just trying to gather the evidence needed to strengthen his case.

As I suspect, Simone made a call to her contacts with the FBI to explain what transpired. She spilled that she has audio on The First Lady. More tea was spilled about Hunter overdosing on drugs that he obtained from the pharmacy. All the dots are being connected. I like this development people; things are becoming very interesting. The final moments of the episode witnessed Sam scouring the woods searching for Jason, but instead he stumbled upon the cult as well, and found himself being tailed by someone holding a rifle. Next week is indeed looking interesting on “The Oval”!