HOLLYWOOD—If there was a moment ever that The Highest was scared, it would be this week’s episode of “The Oval.” Why? Well, Diakhan’s admission about Jason being the son of the President of the United States left members of the cult rattled in this week’s episode, ‘Gone in a Second.’ He tempted Jason, but the First Son is much smarter than people are willing to give him credit for.

This back and forth that was written by Tyler Perry was just ridiculous. Please stop already with this stale dialogue that is dragging with these scenes. Jason claims to not be the President’s son, Diakhan believes that he is. They go in circles bickering for three or four minutes unnecessarily. I will admit Jason came up with a compelling story about getting lost on his motorbike, while with his uncle and Jason, if you’re going to tell a lie, you gotta do much better than that.

With that said, Kyle and Donald attempted to place Hunter back in a position of power, but Victoria had the upper hand and gleefully smiled when they realized Hunter is in no position to lead the United States of America. Priscilla and Sam continued their dance of power, as Sam started to realize that his wife is keeping major secrets.

I am so over this Richard and Nancy storyline I don’t know what to say at this point. It is an ever-evolving argument that never ends. Just when you think things are better with Richard and Nancy the past comes back and bites and they bicker and bicker for such an extensive period of time I just become bored to the core. Priscilla, please explain your reasoning for trying to warm up to Bobby after the incident that transpired between Sam, it is just odd to say the least.

Eli and Victoria need to be careful with the flirting. I mean you guys are doing it with eyes and ears within a distance of your charade. It is just a matter of time before you both get exposed if not more careful. Bobby and Max already suspect what is going on. Some good news, Eli is going to ensure Simone is released, but Victoria is a bit bothered with her enemy getting released. Hmm, I really thought Victoria was playing Eli, but no these two are serious and this is changing the dynamics of all parties involved.

The truth about Jason was confirmed and he was able to leave the cult before something nefarious transpired. River begged his new pal to stick around, but Jason made it crystal clear he was Mike and not Jason Franklin and these bozos actually bought that ruse, how silly, how stupid to say the least. Dale and Allan had a conversation that went virtually nowhere. Look, we know the people holding Allan hostage at the police station are working to build a case to bring President Franklin and his administration to the ground. Allan you’re not disclosing anything ‘odd’ to Dale that he hasn’t already encountered. Perry has to write Allan so that he’s not always angry all the damn time.

Victoria gave a performance of a lifetime to the press to explain the situation with Hunter and the appointment of Eli as acting President of the United States. It was quite a performance to say the least. I loved every minute of it, and I normally never say that.

With that said, Bobby and Max made moves to try to get inside that bunker to see who was being held captive. Unfortunately, Bobby was not able to make any leeway.

Donald tried to reason with Hunter who wanted Alonzo killed for giving him fentanyl that nearly killed him. Oh, Hunter if only you knew that Victoria was the one that fed you those drugs. Hunter asked for Kyle’s gun as he prepared to fire a bullet into Alonzo. Kyle you are an idiot for handing over that weapon which led to Alonzo getting blasted with bullets. Is he dead or alive? Who knows? Those answers and plenty more are expected to be answered next week “The Oval” fanatics!