HOLLYWOOD—Hunter discovered that Victoria was hiding a major secret people involving Jason, and it looks like the gloves are off on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Image, Power and Money’ saw Victoria and Donald have a showdown where some tea was spilled about what she has been up to. Victoria was not willing to spill to Donald that she is sleeping with Eli, but he shared all the information of what he has been up to with her, not so sure if that is the smartest thing in the world.

Oh, Victoria, if you only knew that Jason was very much alive and kicking you would not be on your high horse people! Hunter’s mind was churning as he realized Victoria was up to no good. Allan and Dale got to know each other while having breakfast concerned about their predicament. Bobby was still waiting to make his move to rescue Lily, but Max warned him the Vice President ordered him back to his property for a meetup which raised red flags for Bobby who could sense something was wrong.

Both Hunter and Victoria realized something was up with Donald who was moving with awkwardness. Hunter confronted Alonzo about Donald knowing about his whereabouts, which means Intel was given to the Chief of Staff courtesy of Kyle. When Hunter learned that Donald had Jason cremated he was livid, as he realized that Donald does whatever Victoria asks him to do.

Max got updates from his spy about who was meeting with the VP, but little does Max know you’re doing things that would work against Victoria’s masterplan. Kyle was spiraling and for the wrong reasons, which prompted Donald to ATTEMPT to talk some sense into him. Richard and Nancy were still concerned about Barry’s whereabouts, as Sam, Priscilla, Max and Bobby chatted with Eli and Simone about the predicament. Eli presented surveillance of Jason killing Jean, and Hunter’s mistress. Sam was concerned how cameras captured such Intel.

Max noted that his ally was fatally shot, and Max could tell the photos that Eli presented were fraudulent. Which you could easily tell was not authentic. At least Max realizes what is being presented is BS, because it is. No one was happy with the information that Eli was presenting, even though Simone was willing to stand by her husband. Sam and Max were NOT pleased that Kyle shot both of them and he gets to work at The White House like nothing ever happened.

I’m sorry, but Tyler Perry really dropped the ball with this narrative. It is way too sloppy for my liking and I don’t enjoy it one bit. It is a slap in the face to the viewers, who were hoping to see anyone, at least one person from this dirty administration to go down in flames. Donald alerted Victoria about Hunter’s recent behavior and he was starting to get worried to say the least. Bobby was adamant about rescuing Lily, just as Sam, Richard and Priscilla realized that the dots are not connecting and something is definitely wrong. Looks like Kareem, Dale and Allan disappearing was a good thing because the CIA has no idea where they are which makes Kyle and company worried.

Donald decided he wanted to continue torturing Lily, unaware that danger was about to be knocking at his door, however, he thought that threatening Lily’s family would be his way to get her in line. This episode has frustrated me to the core because it feels like Tyler Perry is going to drag this series as long as he can instead moving towards an endgame. You cannot have the villains win the every single week and not have the heroes have an edge to some degree.

Eli and Victoria having a conversation might have been the one sign the audience needed to have a bit of hope, why? Eli’s conversation with Victoria was overheard by Simone, as it became clear that Eli is no fan of Donald either people.

Very disappointing episode to say the least because no movement was made in the right direction for the narrative to keep me hooked. There are some hints of suspicion, but nothing solid. I would say I’m eager for next week’s episode, but I’ll just watch when it happens. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!