HOLLYWOOD—Last week, Lilly found herself in a pickle on “The Oval” when she decided to seek medical help for her gunshot wound and failed to realize a bullet would raise questions to police officers. This week’s episode, ‘Know Your Place’ saw Lilly fighting to twist the truth and found herself restrained as she tried to flee. Lilly found herself drugged and restrained to a hospital bed. She did her best to warn the officer that digging would only place him in further danger.

Dale was concerned about his sleeping arrangements after Kareem booted him, and Sharon was having none of it. She explained to him staying at Richard and Nancy’s place would be fine. Sharon got a call from ‘Barry,’ but no answer, which raised a major flag for her. She alerted Richard that she got a call from Barry. Allan found himself still being held captive by Jason who was paranoid as hell. It was obvious Allan was doing his best to stay calm as Jason spoke about Ellie.

Jason questioned Allan about his escapades in the bedroom with Ellie. Jason wanted Allan to get him a hooker to sleep with. Allan careful with that mouth, you say the wrong thing and it could trigger Jason to blow your head off without a second thought. Things were interrupted when Alonzo tried to speak to Allan, but he made up a lie on the fly to get rid of his pal.

For viewers who have been waiting to see Kyle get pummeled, the time finally occurred as Max put a beating on his foe. Kyle alerted Donald that Sam has been looking for a car and has footage of Jason. Kyle chatted and it only boiled Max’s blood even more, and a punch knocked him directly to the ground. Yeah, it was so much fun watching Kyle squirm. However, Bobby stopped the fun, as Max was ready to take Kyle out.

Hunter and Victoria traded barbs per usual, as she realized her hubby was as high as a kite. Hunter hit a nerve when he chatted about the Vice President. He might not be that intelligent, but Hunter is indeed perceptive Victoria. Simone and Eli’s lovemaking got interrupted by a call from Victoria. Eli was startled when Victoria warned him that Hunter might know about them. Eli tried to distract Simone by running water, but she got closer to the door to listen on the conversation.

Eli you idiot, Simone is no dummy. Victoria wanted to have a bit of phone sex and it looks like that call alone is about to be the end of your little scheme. Yeah, Simone heard you spill that you love someone. Eli wanted to continue his lovemaking, but Simone was having none of it. This writing from Tyler Perry is just stupid and nonsensical. Why would you purposely put your characters in a situation to reveal the truth when they are supposed to be keeping a whopper of a secret?

Donald was flabbergasted when he discovered that Lilly went to the hospital, and when the Chief of Staff discovered he was hoodwinked by Sam he was not pleased to say the least. The panic sets in Donald because you’re in a definite pickle buddy. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, didn’t Sam warn you not to take his wife out to dinner? Bobby did it anyway, and Priscilla was ready to have plenty of fun. While the dinner was interrupted, when Sam showed up and threats were levied. A jealous Sam is a very intriguing Sam.

Bobby and Priscilla bolted, just as Richard sought assistance regarding Barry. Jason wanted to talk to Allan, but he became more rattled with each second, just as Alonzo managed to sneak into the apartment. However, that was not the shocker people, it was when Richard arrived home to find Nancy cloaked and looking like a member of that cult people. Ok, that was a cliffhanger, as next week looks bonkers, The Highest arrives, Alonzo discovers Jason is very much alive and the tension between Hunter and Victoria continues to build. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!