HOLLYWOOD—Victoria Franklin was under the guise she had the upper hand on her foe Simone during last week’s episode of “The Oval.” Victoria, you may have given more than you needed to because this week’s episode, ‘Man Down’ witnessed Simone align with the one person I never expected, Donald. Tyler Perry, what are you doing? This writing is not just driving me nuts; it is boring me to death. Kareem’s so-called friend/pal thinks Dale of all people placed him in that hospital bed, and as a result took him hostage at gunpoint.

Victoria was gleeful to hear that Eli fired him, but he was none too pleased. He issued veiled threats to the First Lady and she was having none of it, none of it at all. Max was stunned to learn that Sam shot Bobby with rubber bullets. He laughed a bit when it transpired. Got to admit some of those jokes were hilarious to say the least.

Max gave a convincing argument about why President Elect Eli should keep Kyle on board just in case something transpires to Hunter Franklin. Max didn’t want to hear any of it, and I was glad to hear it. Lily was hoping to get information from Alonzo about the inner workings of The White House that caused Donald to flee the home in a flurry. Donald was peeved when he learned that Max is on guard for Hunter, and Kyle will be right by his side as he watches his every move. The shifting dynamic has become quite fun to say the least.

Allan got a new cellmate while in jail and he said little to nothing, but the threat level rose as Allan started to realize he has to keep mum otherwise issues can arise. A shank was pulled out and Allan was forced to go into defense mode to ensure his safety. Donald pleaded his case to get into that room to speak with the Second First Lady and used a bit of manipulation to get his way. The weasel worked his magic on Simone to promise a conversation between her and Eli. He wanted info, but she was willing to spill that Eli and Victoria might be an item.

The more Donald pushed, the more annoyed Simone became. You pushed a bit too hard and you had Simone in your hands. Looks like the villains are about to turn on one another, which makes the inner workings of the season that much more captivating. Nancy was still an emotional mess in the hospital, as Richard did his best to reason with his wife’s sanity as she continued to spiral. Whatever that cult gave Nancy has transformed her to an actual lunatic.

Speaking of that cult, River was trying to convince Jason to eat his food, but he took a small bite as he asked questions. Damn Jason, you shouldn’t have taken a bite because it is drugged. Jason asked about The Highest, and River wanted to get him a meeting because it gives the power player someone to play with besides himself. Richard finally came face-to-face with Barry’s body, realizing his son is truly dead.

Victoria and Eli had a conversation about their latest plans and both felt great with what they are up to. Priscilla and Sam had a conversation about his latest stunt and she was not too pleased to say the least. Priscilla was back to her old ways, as she made it clear to Sam she is over his jealous antics. Priscilla pushed Sam about sleeping with Victoria and he puffed his chest, and she barked back. I loved that Priscilla is calling this man out on his antics, as he is acting like he hasn’t cheated on his wife. Damn this episode ended in a twist, as Priscilla had Sam ambushed and beat to a pulp. Looking forward to seeing what antics are unleashed in next week’s episode of “The Oval!”