HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” was chaotic to say the least. I mean Kyle was willing to KILL yet again to prove his loyalty to Donald who he uses like an ink pen (whenever he wants).  This week’s episode, ‘Misunderstood,’ saw Lilly poking at holes in Donald’s role in the death of his mistress. He lied thru his teeth and she called his bluff.

Max was skeptical about being a potential sitting duck in the cabin, so Bobby reassured him that they have the weaponry to protect themselves if needed which left Max speechless to say the least. Priscilla wanted to chat with Diane about their current predicaments involving The White House and the antics on the inside. Sam received the 9-1-1 calls from his pal, but discovered that the calls did not have any recordings on them. Priscilla with a large butcher knife in hand made it clear to Sam that today was the one day NOT to test her.

The drama between Barry, Nancy and Richard reached a boiling point, as Nancy finally lost her cool and reacted by tossing food and plates at Barry. That’s right Nancy, it’s about time you teach Barry how to respect his parents because he has been a completed tool as of late. It is apparent the fling between Kyle and Dale will be a one-time thing because it was apparent that Kyle’s attitude was a major turnoff for Dale.

Bobby paid Lilly a visit where the two got hot and heavy, but not before Bobby ensured the bedroom didn’t have any bugs around it. Priscilla and Diane had a bit of girl chat to catch up on things. Both women bonded over their hatred for Victoria Franklin, aka The First Lady. Diane delivered a packet to Sam informing her bestie that if something happens to her that she delivers the contents of that package to Sam. So if Diane is vouching for Sam that means he should be trusted people. Jason continued to try to barter a relationship with Allan who wanted to have nothing to do with the first son who continued to issue threats against his father. Donald interrupted the conversation, but was too stupid to actually see what was ‘happening.’

Donald was concerned that people are leaking information about what actually transpired with Hunter’s mistress. Looks like both guys are green with envy. Hunter, Victoria and Jason had a therapy session that was more combative than productive. Jason chatted about his family dynamics as a child noting that the lack of affection from his mother and father is the reason he behaves the way he does. Diane asked Hunter why he fired her and why his mistresses’ underwear was found and why Max was almost killed. Hunter spilled his guts; the entire truth which was bold and daring to say the least people.

She threatened to take the information to the FBI and it appeared that it only peeved off Hunter, who dismissed the press secretary who was going to fix the problem. Donald found himself in another predicament having to clean up a mess and needing Kyle to handle the problem, which he did inside the elevator to say the least people. Good thing that Diane gave that packet to Sam people. Richard found himself trying to clean up the mess he started with Frida, as he confronted Sam about Nancy’s secret love child.

As I said it before, Richard connected the dots that Sam could be the father of Nancy’s love child. Duh, I said this week’s ago people. Pinky was Sam and Nancy’s love child. The conversation was interrupted by Victoria begging for Sam’s presence as she broke down in tears after the therapy session with Jason and Hunter. Victoria continued to push after Sam even undressing which tempted Sam to do the unthinkable, have sex with the First Lady. Things only got complicated when Donald arrived home and found Bobby and Lilly in bed people. This was indeed an episode people and next week looks crazier than ever with the mid-season finale upon us. It looks good, until then “The Oval” fanatics!