HOLLYWOOD—The chaos continues in the latest episode of “The Oval” as more secrets are being exposed. This week’s episode, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ picked up where last week’s episode ended with Sam stumbling upon that cult with a gun aimed at him. This cult is hilarious because they think just because they hold a gun, they are massive threats to everyone else.

A gunshot was fired to issue a threat as Sam was being ushered into the camp, but he forgets that Sam has been in combat and is NOT one to mess around with as he dispatched that guard with such ease it was wickedly funny to witness. Sam cuffed the guy, and it became clear he was about to become a captor for Sam not the other way around. That is an interesting development. Victoria flirted a bit with Max before paying a visit to Eli to discuss the situation involving Simone, who is working with the FBI as we learned last week. Questions about Jason’s whereabouts rose to the forefront as this united front splintered as her niceness was questioned compared to his search for Jason.

Allan was sprung from jail, but was not pleased to see Kyle who demanded he pay a visit to Donald. Yeah, Allan, you should have taken that deal with the FBI, but you didn’t. Hunter wanted Priscilla and Richard to taste the soup being prepared for him to ensure they weren’t trying to poison him. Priscilla said no, and Hunter barked and made some advances to Priscilla that was bold and funny to say the least. Hunter is indeed a character people.

When Hunter brought up his kids, Priscilla pointed out that his ‘kids’ have not been seen, which meant she was onto that daughter being MIA for an extended period of time.

Priscilla and Richard were having a private conversation before it was interrupted by Victoria who gave looks that could kill people. With Sam, he alerted Max that he has a captor from the cult who could pinpoint Jason’s whereabouts. Allan played dumb about the drugs that were given to the POTUS. Donald WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO if the FBI is onto you and your antics? Yeah, absolutely nothing, oh, this plays well for Allan to get those files on Donald for the FBI. Donald is not there, so this is easy.

Simone was none too pleased about having to apologize to Victoria for the fight they endured. It was quite the scene to say the least. Victoria pegged that there might be a bit of chemistry between Bobby and Simone, and she would not be wrong. Victoria tried to push Simone’s buttons by having her get on her knees to apologize and prove her remorse.

Ugh, I couldn’t believe Simone actually abided to Victoria’s wishes. It became intriguing when Priscilla entered the fray and poked the bear. Oh, if there is someone who is going to beat Victoria’s you know what, it is Priscilla.

Allan returned home to Dale and asked questions about that ‘evidence’ that he wanted him to stash for him. Dale posed questions and Allan revealed that the FBI questioned him about antics in the administration. Dale went into panic mode as a result. Dale realized the situation at hand was more serious than he suspected. Alonzo delivered Kareem in cuffs to Hunter who wanted a bit of vengeance for those drugs that came from his pharmacy that almost killed him.

Kareem was questioned about the drugs, and he spilled the tea that the drugs came from his cousin, but Kareem refused to give a name, and stood up to Hunter. The fact that Kareem had the guts to bark back at Hunter screamed wonders. Oh, Alonzo sit your ass down, after what transpired with you last week.

Hunter was about to fire a gun yet again, this time at Kareem’s chest if he didn’t reveal his cousin’s name. Kareem refused to speak and it resulted in Alonzo firing a shot right next to Kareem’s head. It was obvious the bullet missed, but Hunter’s antics are about to be exposed in next week’s episode as more mayhem is unleashed. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!