HOLLYWOOD—Another night another fascinating episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘The Fencer’ made it crystal clear that this conspiracy within The White House goes much deeper than anyone ever expected. With that said, we kicked things off with Diane, Lilly, Bobby and Max deciphering their next move. Max was able to retain a piece of that bloody mattress to help against their case to take down Kyle, Donald, Hunter, Victoria for the murder of Denise, who they still don’t realize was actually killed by Jason.

Bobby was extra cautious about any moves being made, while Diane was certain she had enough to go to the press and the district attorney to bring the administration down to its knees. This led to Lilly offering herself as a mole to get back inside to help gather evidence. Now, I thought about that, it’s not a good idea because Donald already knows you don’t love him, so how to you expect to acclimate yourself back into his orbit without him worrying about what you’re up to.

During the premiere episode, I never expected Lilly and Bobby to last, but it seems things have TOTALLY changed in a positive direction. In other chaos on the show, Sharon and Barry continued to question one another about that money he found stashed in his drawer. This is where the dialogue became a bit annoying. We know that was NOT Sharon’s money, we know that was not Barry’s money, so the writing got a bit sloppy here because it was like 2-3 minutes of the same mess people.

Sharon is still dangling between Kareem and Barry, but if she’s living with Barry I would argue it’s a sign that he has her heart more than the guy who she works with. With that said, we did get to the root of whose money that might be: Ruth! Man, I never even suspected her, but the fact that Nancy was able to solve this mystery and alert Sharon, Barry and Richard about the issue, makes perfect sense. The question we all want to know is WHY because that bloody knife was stashed with it. So as Sharon stated, it was likely a setup all along people.

I’m intrigued to see where the rest of this heads in the coming weeks. However, the MVP of the night had to be Priscilla. This woman had terrific dialogue as she threw daggers left and right at her husband, Sam and the First Lady. I love this side of Priscilla and the fact that she plans to take down the First Lady means we’re about to get some must-see TV people. Donald and Kyle continued to play house as they realized that Diane has a leg up on them in terms of keeping Max alive and safe. However, all that drama means nothing compared to the major confrontation between Hunter, Victoria and Jason.

Hunter and Victoria were still speechless to find that bloody sword in that chest in Jason’s bedroom. Hunter didn’t want to believe his son murdered Denise, but the evidence spoke for itself people. The husband and wife quibbled, until Jason came home and they danced around the issue. Jesus, just come out and say it already. We found Jean’s body under your bed; we know you killed her! After a bit of back and forth, Victoria lost it slapping her son, who later retaliated by placing her in a chokehold.

Hunter managed to break it up, when Jason confessed more shocking information. Victoria thought she was about to become Jason’s third victim, but he revealed her fourth. Yup, Hunter and Victoria realized at that moment that Jason had murdered Victoria’s mother, Maude. Talk about chaos people, it seems the madness is all revolving around Jason and his serial killer tendencies. I’m wondering just wondering how the Victoria and Hunter plans to keep this under wraps. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!