HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere was a bit of a dud on “The Oval,” so I was hoping this week’s episode, ‘The Missing Link’ would provide the audience with a bit more drama for us to salivate on. I do want answers about that shooting from last week’s episode, but why is the focus on Nancy acting nuts about Richard choking her, when her dumb butt tried to commit suicide after visiting that cult?

Yes, that was not a dream sequence, Sam REALLY shot Bobby. Damn, we didn’t get a misdirect, and it was rubber bullets. Bobby spoke a bit out of place and it led to Priscilla leaving the canvas. Max confronted Sam about being late to The White House, but he refused to talk. Donald wipe that smirk off your face, because Eli is not a fan of yours, neither is Victoria. Victoria spilled the tea, as Max, Kyle and Sam listened from afar. Eli was happy to be sworn in, which seems like Victoria’s play all along.

This is the one time I enjoy witnessing Victoria put Donald in his place because he is acting like a power player, when he’s not. Donald you might be smart, but you are not that damn smart. Kyle if you think you can stop this woman, oh, this is going to be hilarious. Looks like Bobby is looking to get a bit of vengeance against Sam for shooting him. Victoria didn’t get under Kyle’s skin by asking about his relationship with Donald, but he refused to bite, even though everyone knows.

Jason met with River at the cult, and a conversation was held, where some interesting information was disclosed. Really, Jason, you choose the name Mike? He started to unravel a bit. No River, Jason is not safe there, and neither are you. Lily decided to give Bobby a call requesting his presence, but Bobby was not ready to bite, but she spilled plenty of information on what Donald has been up.

Hmm, that doctor spilled serious information about a Columbian flower that causes all sorts of hallucinations and weird behavior. We are getting somewhere and I like that, fingers crossed this is the end of that cult because Tyler Perry is terrible writing two different series trying to coincide as one with two different timelines. Eli was sworn in as the interim President of the United States of America.

Oh, Donald you’re no longer in charge buddy, as Eli did what I’ve been dying to see, he replaced Donald and made it clear he was fired. Both Kyle and Donald are out. He decided to visit Hunter’s room and used Alonzo as his mole, but hello, Donald is NOT IN CHARGE ANYMORE! What is this acting? This is just horribly staged, dry and lacks any cohesion. OMG, Tyler Perry is terrible at writing dialogue. A scene that is nearly 10 minutes long that should have been 2 minutes.

Allan had a conversation with District Attorney Desiree Walker who indicated she is putting a case against the current White House administration, and spilled that Hunter overdosed on the fentanyl that was given to him. Oh, interesting turn of events, because I don’t think Eli wants Hunter dead, but something is not adding up people. Dammit, I want to know who Desiree was speaking to on the phone. I don’t think it was Eli so who is pulling the strings?

Simone was not pleased to be held captive in that bunker, as she pleaded for her freedom. Victoria arrived and a conversation was had about the predicament involving Hunter and how Eli is now the POTUS. Simone got upset when she learned that Victoria plans to replace her as the new First Lady. Threats were revealed about Simone suffering from an ‘accident.’ When Victoria spilled that Eli was in on the plan, it shocked Simone as she started to realize her suspicions about Eli and Victoria were confirmed.

Well, Simon had something on a recording device that is going to prove quite valuable down the line. Dale managed to see Kareem who is hospitalized with a serious brain injury, which likely means his memory, is scrambled as a result. Ok, how does Dale know Kareem’s cousin? Next week is looking interesting as Donald learns Victoria is no ally of his. Oh, juicy fun! Until next week, “The Oval” fanatics.