HOLLYWOOD—Well, well, it looks like Victoria is no longer the power player that she used to be on “The Oval.” The latest episode, ‘The Mole’ saw these two ladies go toe-to-toe and I adored every single second of it. Victoria Franklin told Priscilla she was fired, but Priscilla who dealt with so much mess stood her ground and threats were issued. Looks like Priscilla knows all about Victoria’s fear of her father.

Well someone has been dropping secrets, but I never considered Priscilla as the culprit, but it makes perfect sense the more I think about it. Hunter interrupted just as Priscilla was about to exit. Oh, the level of drama people and we’re only 5 minutes into the episode. Victoria tried to throw Priscilla under the bus, but the loyal house maid played the role to perfection. Richard attempted to get Priscilla to take the night off, and it seemed Priscilla had Intel she was not ready to disclose to everyone else.

Lily checked on Bobby in the attic, to ensure he was safe before Kyle and Donald showed up to grill her on what she was doing on the computer. Ok, this is some bad acting here people. Awkward and not as fluid as one would expect. Victoria used Sam to remove his wife from The White House, but it was apparent that Priscilla per usual knows more about the inner workings than people can imagine. Yeah, Priscilla seems to be very close to Victoria’s father, who phoned her directly and made it clear that Priscilla was NOT GOING ANYWHERE! Ok, this is not only impressive, but makes me root for Priscilla that much more. This girl has massive ammunition that is a game changer on the woman who has made her life a living hell lately.

Blakely was concerned that she hasn’t heard from Martin, as Max attempted to calm his pal down who has been spiraling. Victoria returned to bed angrier than ever, letting Hunter know that Priscilla knows her father. Victoria was worried that Hunter might be planning to make a move against her father. Sam was not pleased that Priscilla has been keeping secrets from him. Allan confronted Donald about not being blunt about Ellie sleeping with the President of the United States and he played dumb, not realizing his protégé was well aware what his girlfriend was doing.

Allan called out Donald about his relationship with Kyle. Donald attempted to play dumb, but it was apparent Allan was well aware is taking place. Donald thought Allan was flirting with him, to which Allan did not think he was doing at all. This scene between Barry and Nancy was pointless people; I have no clue where this narrative is headed. Allan was getting ready to leave and wanted Ellie to tag along, but she refused. Jason wanted clarification on why Allan struck him over the head and the kid tried to reason with his actions, but Allan was in no mood at all. He made it crystal clear that Jason is NOT his pal; he ensured Jason realized that they’re not buddies and Jason issued a veiled threat.

Allan chose to warn Ellie to be careful because Jason is running around and could be on the prowl. Allan is speaking plenty of truth, but no one wants to listen to him. Donald confronted Lily about using his laptop and why she didn’t seem too concerned about him nearly being assassinated. Dale seemed to be out of it, as Sharon clued him in that it seemed like the bullets in the shooting did not cause serious damage to his body. Dale broke down in tears realizing that he has no family.

Sharon took a call from Barry who wanted to chat with his ex, and he apologized for his actions. I was rooting for these two in the beginning, but I feel she is better suited with Kareem people. Barry and his jealous side just doesn’t suit Sharon people. Allan arrived home and there was an intruder who delivered one hell of a kick, as promised by Victoria she delivered on her threat. Each episode so far this season has been a thrill a second people and I love it. Till next week “The Oval” fanatics!