HOLLYWOOD—We are nearing the end of the third season on the BET series “The Oval” people. This week’s episode, ‘The Vendetta’ witnessed a tense standoff between Sam and Kyle in the midst of Donald ensuring his lover had a gun in his possession. Kyle thought he had the upper hand, but Sam utilized his skills to gain an edge and we had a draw people. Two guns, two people who would pull the trigger, as Sam realized Donald was up to no good yet again.

Looks like this standoff might last a lot longer than the audience expects, but I will be honest I’m sick and tired of Kyle; he needs his comeuppance it is long overdue America. Kyle talked a little too much and pointed the finger right at Agent Grip who Sam already suspected was up to no good. Well that is wicked, Sam and the VP was planning this move and looks like Agent Grip is about to be arrested for his role in the scandal. What a twist people, what a twist?

Dale alerted Sharon that Kareem was not himself; he was scared. I guess Donald has limits to what he will do, like killing a child to protect this entire scandal from blowing up in his face. Does that make me like Donald more? Not even close people. Alonzo met with Priscilla where he handed over what she needed: that flash drive. Alonzo was scared about what might unfold. Alonzo seemed real scared people, just as he spilled to Priscilla that Allan’s girlfriend, Ellie was not killed by a stray bullet, but that she was murdered by The First Lady. Alonzo open your eyes; these people are not good people. Priscilla decided to have a conversation with Allan first before he spilled the information to Sam.

Max is becoming a bit annoying in the Bobby and Lilly love triangle people. It has become apparent to Bobby that Lilly might be spiraling and planning to do something unexpected, which I hate to say, Max is right people. I think once Lilly gets her revenge on Donald and Kyle she will be back to herself; that woman is owed and deserves her revenge. Victoria was not happy that Hunter went to the hospital to visit Jason without her. Well Victoria, you don’t care about Jason, so why do you care?

Donald you may want to tread lightly while you’re smirking because this is a wicked woman to say the least. So Donald if you know where Lilly is why haven’t you taken action? Hmm, seems like you’re scared of Bobby and you should be buddy, very scared. Nancy, Sharon, Dale and Richard were having a lovely dinner and questions about Barry’s temper surfaced and Richard made it clear Barry better get his antics in place people, and as expected Barry crashed the dinner. Barry, Barry, a grown man acting like a little child, it was a hilarious scene to watch people, I loved every minute of it.

The dinner was interrupted by another guest, Kareem, be honest I thought the guest might be Priscilla. Kareem was still edgy, but Richard found a way to coerce Kareem to join dinner, but Barry being Barry flipped out and returned to his old self people. Allan received a visit from Alonzo who was not pleased with Allan’s latest stunt. Their tense conversation was interrupted by Priscilla, who had questions for Donald’s right-hand man. Allan seems very edgy and nervous.

Priscilla is backing up Allan’s theory that Ellie was murdered by Victoria Franklin who was sleeping with Sam and Hunter who was sleeping with Ellie and they are in similar predicaments. Hunter called Victoria out on her parenting skills, as it became apparent Victoria had sinister actions in play. Hunter caught that slip up Victoria about Jason; not good, not good at all. Really this standoff between Sam and Kyle is a bit pathetic at this point people. Well, Sam managed to get that gun from Kyle, but the issue Sam is that Kyle has a second gun, and Sam wanted info, but Kyle still won’t talk people and fired two shots into Sam as I expected knocking him down.

Just as Hunter realized Victoria did something to Jason and he was NOT pleased people. Next week looks good, as the penultimate episode before the season finale arrives. Donald confronts Allan, as Priscilla listens from a distance, Kareem spills the tea and Victoria is nailed to the cross for what Hunter believes she did to Jason. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!