HOLLYWOOD—It was the penultimate episode of season three of “The Oval” before next week’s season finale people. Last week was a cliffhanger with Kyle retrieving that second gun and firing a shot at Sam who looked like he was injured people. This week’s episode, ‘Ugly Politics’ witnessed Hunter questioning Victoria about what she may have done to their son. Well we know Victoria did do something to cause the nurses to go rushing into Jason’s bedroom.

Either Victoria is an idiot or thinks she is smarter than she actually is. Wow, the doctor spilled news that Jason did not make it. Hunter fled the hospital in a rage, while Victoria delivered an over-the-top faint. Barry and Richard had a talk that prompted the entire dinner crew (Sharon, Dale, Nancy and Kareem) to discuss what is going on inside The White House. Barry refused to behave so Richard kicked him out.

Sam was injured and he flipped the desk to protect himself from Kyle’s gunfire. His phone was not working when he attempted to make a call. Sam was bleeding, just as Kyle seemed to think he had an upper hand. Doesn’t look like anyone is getting out with Kyle shooting off the door handle! Simone shared with Eli that Jason is dead. It is news that has not been released to the public, and Simone pegged that Victoria went into the room and is the result of Jason’s demise. Thank you Simone, you are the ONLY person with your eyes wide open and you see what is going on. Victoria is the Devil and Simone has her number people.

Priscilla and Allan chatted more about what is going on with the POTUS and FLOTUS. Allan’s rage started to erupt and he pointed out that Donald is NOT to be trusted as well. Lilly and Max had an interesting conversation where it was apparent they have a common goal: KYLE! Max knows more about Bobby’s shower antics than Lilly does. So it looks like Lilly is trying to run away from it all, but is afraid to let it be known to Bobby. If Tyler Perry gets rid of the character of Lilly, I will not be a happy camper. That woman deserves her justice against Donald and Kyle before she bids farewell.

Donald received a visit from Agent Gripling who revealed that Sam went to the bunker and has not returned. Donald started to panic people, and realized he has no power, and wanted Lilly brought back to him. Yeah, Agent Grip, you are NO MATCH for Bobby or Max. They will take you out quicker than you can count to three people. That was fun witnessing Lilly play Bobby who was fishing for information and he ended up looking like an idiot just as Max noted.

Speaking of Max who went to make an errand, he alerted Eli that he had not heard from Sam. So Max had the codes to gain access to the bunker so it looks like Max is going to be the one to rescue Sam and possibly take out Kyle once and for all people. Dammit, Lilly your desire to make a move even though you shouldn’t is going to land you in Donald’s clutches. Eli was worried, Simone was worried, I’m worried people. Sharon, Dale and Kareem were forced to have a bit of small talk while the dishes were being cleaned by Nancy and Richard.

Hunter and Victoria returned to The White House and I cannot believe this woman is as cold as she is people. Hunter unleashed a bit of anger on his wife, and it became apparent this man might be fed up with his wife FINALLY! Allan heard a knock on the door and it was Donald, and Allan was worried as Priscilla was still inside his apartment. I swear I need to see Donald get his damn comeuppance; this guy has gotten on my last nerve. Priscilla from a distance was eavesdropping on the entire conversation, as Donald issued a threat of death against Allan.

Donald your paranoia is getting the best of you and it’s NOT a good look. Donald issuing that threat against Allan when you have someone in the apartment listening to your every word? So Agent Grip is planning to kill both Allan and Priscilla. I cannot wait till next week’s finale it looks like Lilly might finally get her revenge and put a bullet into Donald. I need to see this people! Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!