UNITED STATES—It seems nowadays that everyone wants to have a pet. I mean growing up as a kid, we were thrilled, and I mean thrilled when we got our first dog that lived well into my 20s before he ultimately died of old age. However, while a pet is a staple for many Americans, I do believe someone should not be allowed to be pet owners.

I do believe some people get pets for the wrong reasons. Most get a pet for one of two reasons: companionship or they are an animal lover; one could argue it’s for the kids also. However, I do not think it’s wise for someone to get a pet as a method to teach responsibility. I mean what happens when the person discovers they are not capable of taking care of an animal. Most just dump the animal or leave them out in the cold to fend for their own. I have seen this happen to often.

However, I have a bone to pick with those who are desperate for companionship to have a pet, particularly a dog, but for the unbelievable reason, they never seem to have custody of their dog. I mean who the hell gets a dog, but rarely has the dog in their possession? I’ll tell you, someone who should not have a dog. It seems like every week, my step-mother finds herself dog-sitting her sister’s dog. It is quite frustrating because I think the dog suffers because he is bounced from home to home. To make matters worse this dog is quite spoiled. He’s not use to being outside, but unfortunately my parents dogs are outdoor animals.

This dog whines constantly, and he is teaching my parents dogs’ bad habits. Dogs that used to love being outdoors are now whining whenever they have to relieve themselves outdoors. I mean, all dogs should be accustomed to using the restroom outdoors, right? However, my big caveat is that this woman has no idea that she is not someone who needs or deserves to have a dog. She is not accustomed to being able to stay put long enough to where someone else is forced to watch her dog.

Also what is frustrating is that no compensation is in play. I can see if it was a one-time thing, but it happens multiple times during the month, quite frankly there are sometimes where the dog could be at their home for weeks, or on at least once occasion I think he was there for 2 months. In the midst of this process, no dog food is left, no snacks. I mean someone is actually taking care of YOUR dog; the least you can do is provide the essential basics so that your animal is properly cared for.

I hate when people talk so much about loving dogs or loving their animals yet, they are the same person who is never home with their animal or always expecting someone else to take care of their pet. Hmm, if you’re not equipped to get up day in and day out to let your dog out, to feed your dog, to play with your dog and show a bit of affection, then you’re not equipped to be the owner of a pet. Let someone who is willing to do the things you’re not willing to do have the opportunity to be a pet owner.