MALIBU—The five-time Academy Award winning film, “The Sound of Music,” will be reverberating through Malibu for its 50th anniversary at the commemoration of the 7th Annual Malibu Film Society (MFS) on September 25.

According to the MFS website, “Malibu Film Society is an all-volunteer non-profit founded to engender a stronger sense of community by bringing local film-lovers together for exclusive screenings of critically acclaimed movies, restored classics, and other noteworthy films which otherwise wouldn’t be shown on the big screen in Malibu.”

At 7 p.m. the doors of the Malibu Screening Room at the Malibu Jewish Center complex will open to the public for a viewing of Century Fox’s fully restored anniversary version of the film. The release includes a remastered surround soundtrack.

The updated movie features include the enhance MFS’s new digital cinema projector, 21-foot-wide Cinemascope screen, complete digital surround sound audio system and ultra-wide coverage speakers, which according to their website, “finally let[s] us deliver great sound to every seat in the house!”

The youngest Von Trapp child, Gretl Von Trapp, who was played by Kym Karath, will be the special guest speaker at the screening on Friday, September 25. Karath, 57, played Gretl when she was five years old.

The cast of all seven children are still alive and remain in contact. TCMClassic Film Festival also reunited much of the cast, including the film’s protagonist, Julie Andrews, in Hollywood last March.

“The Sound of Music” displays the story of Maria (Julie Andrews), an aspiring nun, who is sent to the Von Trapp Villa from a convent to become the governess for the seven Von Trapp children in the 1930s. The story has lifted hearts for the last 50 years as audiences followed Maria on her journey as she tries to find her place in the world through love, family and song.

Based on the real-life Von Trapp family, both the musical and film was shaped by the memoir of Maria von Trapp, The Story of the Trapp Family Singers.

Tickets are $5 for students and faculty, and $10 for adults. Both can be purchased at the Malibu Film Society’s website.  

The Malibu Screening Room is located at 24855 Pacific Coast Highway.