HOLLYWOOD—What a week, what a week on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” I thought last week was good, whew, the award for most explosive February sweeps for 2019 goes to “Y&R” because the second week unleashed utter chaos and going into the third week of the month things only heated up that much more. First, we have to go back to Rey confessing his love for Sharon, who reciprocated the feeling. So much to the point she spilled the dirty truth at long last about J.T!

Yes, finally after close to a year (10 months to be exact), it’s all out in the open, at least for the authorities. Phyllis, Victoria and Nikki are in the dark as to who divulged the details, but after the ladies ran into each other at the police station it became clear they know one of the four turned on each other. As I predicted Phyllis was the one to turn first; that woman is vicious to the core when it comes to saving her own butt.

I mean she bartered a deal with Christine, her nemesis of all people, and placed Mariah and Tessa in hot water to ensure she got immunity. We can all agree that Phyllis has just torched her relationship with Sharon, Victoria, Nikki, Victor and Nick, who won’t be pleased with her latest stunt. Let’s get back to Rey and Sharon. Sharon was livid with Rey’s decision to arrest her. She was balling in tears, and when her attorney paid her a visit she recanted everything she shared with Rey. He was not happy, but the guy is stuck between a hard rock and a tough place. The woman who he has resisted temptation with just opened up to him, and how did he return the favor: he arrested her for murder.

If that wasn’t tough, the news he got about his sister Lola’s condition added to his stress level. Yes, someone attacked Lola at the Abbott mansion, and the viewers are crystal clear that it was Mia Rosales who committed the deed. Mia was livid at Abby for humiliating her in public, and was under the impression that she clocked Abby in the head, but it was Lola. Lola stuck her head before falling into the pool. Mia was rattled by her action, but making the situation worse is the fact that Mia left her earring at the crime scene, the authorities know that three people were at the scene (Lola, Kyle and another person) and that she was assaulted before falling into the pool.

When Abby dropped the bomb on Mia, she looked guiltier than a canary. Arturo wanted to pummel Kyle, just as Rey dropped everything when he learned about Lola’s situation. I found it so hypocritical of Arturo preaching the importance of love and loyalty to Kyle, yet he cheated on Abby, but she doesn’t know it yet. Hmm, sounds like the kettle calling the pot.

Yeah, the Rosales family is front-and-center right now on “Y&R” and it is indeed so much fun to watch. There is still one nagging issue we have not addressed: who is tormenting Phyllis, Victoria, Sharon and Nikki? We know Katie has seen the person, but come on; you can’t drop a bomb like that on the audience and not deliver with the payoff writers. It’s an absolute cheat.