HOLLYWOOD—It is the “The Voice” season 9 finale, and the top 4 performed one last time before Tuesday night’s crowning of the winner.

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith, Team Gwen’s Jeffrey Austin, Team Blake’s Barrett Baber, and Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts, each performed one new song, a holiday song, and a duet with their coach.

So, who will be the Season 9 winner of “The Voice” and win a recording contract with Republic Records? Jordan Smith is the one to beat. He has proven week after week that he is simply on another level compared to all the rest. I mean, he snagged the number 1 spot on iTunes last week for his cover of Queen’s “Somebody To Love.”

Well, while we await in anticipation for Tuesday night’s results, let’s recap the best performances on Monday’s finale night.

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith performs “Climb Every Mountain”
OH HELL YES! Jordan Smith made a brilliant choice in deciding to sing “Climb Every Mountain” from “The Sound of Music.” Boy, oh, boy, did he deliver another ground-breaking performance. I cannot reiterate enough how much his voice has the power to captivate deep within. The way he colored the song with beautiful vocal embellishments, literally made me want to climb every freaking mountain. Oh, gosh, and that falsetto he added to the song, melted my heart.

Basically, I am totally ready for a Jordan Smith album and tour dates to follow. I would buy that album and head to his tour in a heartbeat. Ok, but I digress. Back to his performance. Jordan of course received a standing ovation by all the coaches.

Blake said, “There’s nothing left to say. You are always so consistently great.”

Pharrell said, “I think everyone in this room owes it to this incredible form of humility.” He continued to say that he guarantees that anyone with a heart, mind, or soul, is standing up in America right now. “It was incredibly moving,” Pharrell says. “Fantastic is all I can say.”

Gwen thanked Jordan for performing one of her favorite songs from one of her favorite musicals. She says she would have cried if she didn’t have makeup on. Oh, Gwen, you crack us up! She continued, “You have a message, a beautiful message.”

Adam said that Jordan’s belief in himself and the humble nature in which he projects it into the world is one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen. He says Jordan is so unbelievably grateful and is doing what he loves.

Team Gwen’s Jeffrey Austin performs “Stay” Sugarland
Jeffrey made a bold move and it totally paid off. I admired his decision to take an unexpected turn by choosing to take a country song and completely flipping it. He did what he consistently does best, and created a powerful ballad type twist to the song. It was a heart-felt performance further emphasized by his trademark vibrato.

Blake said, “I like you doing country. That’s awesome. You’re the guy who from the blinds till now, snuck up on all of us. Every time you get up on that stage, you make us a believer.”

Pharrell said, “This must be an amazing feeling for you.”  He mentions how he believes that Jeffrey, who stopped singing for 6 years prior to The Voice, is sure to inspire others in a similar situation.

Gwen described Jeffrey as so incredible and noted that he is the real deal. She commended him for his tremendous growth.

Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts performs “Burning House”
So, I was absolutely stunned by Emily’s performance of “Burning House.” It was the best performance she has ever given on “The Voice.” Her performance this week proved she is a force to be reckoned with. I can totally see her topping the country charts not only with the song, but in her future career. Vocally, she always nails it. But, her performance of “Burning House” showed her authentic ability to completely connect to the lyrics. Her tender voice flowed seamlessly as she sang with profound depth and emotion.

Emily received a standing ovation by all coaches.

Gwen said, “That was my favorite of you so far. You are an incredibly beautiful singer, but aside from that you also know how to deliver the intention of the lyrics at seventeen-years-old.”

Pharrell said, “That was flawless.”

Blake said, “Take note and vote for what you just heard. If anyone could have pulled an upset that was this moment.”

WOW folks! What a great night of final performances. Tune in Tuesday night at 8 p.m. to see who will be crowned the Season 9 winner of “The Voice.”

UPDATE on Tuesday Night Final Result Show: JORDAN SMITH WINS THE VOICE!! Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts is the runner-up.