HOLLYWOOD—The Top 10 performed on Monday night’s episode of “The Voice.” The competition is getting fiercer each week as the best of the best compete for a chance to become the Season 9 winner.

Once again, this week had a slew of amazing performances. Let’s recap some of my favorites.

Team Gwen’s Jeffrey Austin performs “Jealous”

Jeffery Austin, or as I like to call him, the Sam Smith-esque contender of “The Voice,” has given solid performances week after week.  This week, he did just that, giving an emotional performance hilighted by his powerful vibrato. He is simply a pro at tapping into the stories told within each song he sings. At this point, Mr. Austin can really do no wrong. You can just sit back and enter into the realm of greatness that is Jeffrey Austin.

Adam said, “That was once again a moment that transported from the competition and directly to what you’re doing. It was so beautiful, so unique and in your own.” He noted Jeffery has a bright future and that is all he should continue to focus on at this point.

Blake commented on the amazing song choice, describing it as a moment where the right artist meets the right song. He says this is the first time this season he got so wrapped up in a performance.

Pharrell congratulated Jeffery and said, “that felt like the first time hearing those lyrics and I could feel your honesty and the comfort you have right now.” He continued to say that his performance felt like a moment where people really got to know who Jeffery really is.

Gwen agreed with Adam, saying she felt transported to this space. She explained how this was a perfect song choice that sounded like it could easily be his own record. She says she feels so honored to be apart of this journey with him.

Team Gwen’s Korin Bukowski performs “Same Old Love”

Korin Bukowski is the comeback kid of Season 9. After two back to back instant save wins, Korin came back and proved why she deserved a spot in the competition. We are used to seeing Korin’s sweet and gentle side. This week, she showcased her ability to turn up the sass for her rendition of Selena Gomez’s “Same Old Love.” She heightened the drama to match the lyrical intent, and hit some notes I had no idea she was capable of hitting.

Pharrell commended the production of the song as it was amazing how it framed her voice. He noted that he enjoyed watching her confidence continue to climb, and further says that tonight was her moment.

Gwen said, “You are making me crazy right now. You lifted. I didn’t expect that, and I am so proud of you.”

Team Adam’s Jordan Smith performs “Hallelujah”

Jordan’s performance this week has catapulted him to the top. I mean he gives phenomenal performances every week, but this was beyond epic proportions. It was mesmerizing to hear him soar through the song, seamlessly using the colorful facets of his voice to create profoundly sentimental moments. Adam said it best during rehearsals, “Jordan can do anything because he can get people to feel with him.”

Even host Carson Daly said, “It almost feels like the finals tonight.”

Blake said there really is not much else left to say because Jordan is always incredible and over the top. “Every time you sing it’s always good.” He even said that he thought there would never be anyone who would be able to top Season 5 contestant Matthew Schuler’s cover of the song, but Jordan seems to have done just that.

Pharrell agreed with Blake, saying, “There’s really not much you can do to compliment what you just did and kind of match what you have done. The only word that comes to mind is effortless. It’s effortless the way you skate through the scales and is incredibly touching.”

Adam said he literally got chills every time he watched a recording he had of Jordan performing the song during rehearsals. He said, “It’s important what you do. You lift people every time you sing and it’s an experience. You are beyond anything I ever expected. You really astonish me every single day.”

Team Pharrell’s Madi Davis performs “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

Ok, WOW. Madi took a Cyndi Lauper song and created such a uniquely fresh and original cover. She totally changed up the arrangement and gave this sultry spin to the song, emphasized by her trademark vocals.

Adam said it’s amazing to see how far all the contestants have come. “That was a really weird, cool and awesome version of this song.”

Gwen said, “You are so full of instinct in music.” She says it blows her mind what she can do at such a young age.

Pharrell said, “That was sick! I would love for everybody to go and buy that right now on iTunes. That was amazing! You picked the song, you arranged it, and you came up with the idea to add the sax.”

Another great Monday night episode of “The Voice.” Tune in Tuesday at 8 p.m. for the result show to see who will make it to the semi-finals!