HOLLYWOOD—It was the “The Voice’s” Season 9 semi-finals on Monday night as the Top 9 performed in hopes of making it into next week’s finale.

On Tuesday night’s result show, only four contestants will advance to the finale. Yes, that is right folks! It will be a huge night of eliminations.

So, let’s recap some of the best performances of the night!

Team Gwen’s Jeffrey Austin performs “Believe” by Cher

The Sam Smith-esque contender has done it again. Flawless vocal emphasized with his ability to deliver every lyric with so much heart. He did a fantastic job in creating his own version of the Cher classic “Believe.” A ballad inspired version to be exact, that had the perfect amount of vocal acrobatic moments showcasing his powerful range.

Blake Shelton said that he of course hopes that all three members in his team will make it into the finale, but stated: “you just proved you deserve to be in the finale. I won’t be surprised if it’s the number one downloaded song on iTunes.”

Gwen said, “Obviously he is going to the finale because that singing is crazy. You are so incredible.”

Team Adam’s Amy Vachal performs “To Make You Feel My Love”

During rehearsals, Amy told Adam that this week she wants to sing something straight from the heart directly to the audience. After a slew of weeks creating her own quirky twist to popular songs, this week she transitioned into a very sincere and emotionally raw moment. The angelic purity of her voice shined brighter than ever before during this performance. I mean it was truly heavenly.

Pharrell described the performance as beautiful and light. He said that with all the crazy things going on, her voice is the type that would ignite somebody to want to do the right thing.

Adam said, “This room completely froze and all of the energy focused on you.” He added that Amy set out to create a different kind of moment for herself and did it in a refreshingly raw and honest way.

Jordan Smith performs “Somebody To Love”

Jordan OWNED THE NIGHT with a spectacularly mind blowing performance of “Somebody To Love.” His jaw-dropping range, his vocal runs, his rasp, combined with his ability to connect to every lyric he sings, created the best performance I have ever seen on “The Voice.” No surprises here. I mean he always manages to bring the competition to a whole other level when he performs. There really has not been anyone as powerful as him on “The Voice.”

Jordan got a standing ovation by all the coaches. Heck, I even got out of my chair, and stood in absolute awe and amazement. And, yes, I will admit, I did shout and scream in sheer excitement, fist pumping away as fellow coach Adam did. It was seriously that good!!

With only 10 seconds left on the show, Adam was the only one who was able to speak about the performance. He said, “I don’t need to say anything at all other than that’s one of the best things I have ever seen in my entire life.”

Well, that does it for the recap! While I continue to bask in the glory that is Jordan Smith, don’t forgot to tune in Tuesday for a huge night of “The Voice” eliminations at 8 p.m.

Update on Tuesday night elimination: The three contestants who made it into next week’s finale, include Team Adam’s Jordan Smith, Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts, and Team Blake’s Barret Baber.

Amy Vachal, Shelby Brown, and Braiden Sunshine were all eliminated.

Jeffrey Austin, Madi Davis, and Zach Seabaugh, each had one more chance to give a final performance in hopes of winning the instant save of the night.

Jeffrey Austin wins the instant save! Madi David and Zach Seabaugh are the last two contestants eliminated.

The top four contestants performing for next week’s finale are Team Adam’s Jordan Smith, Team Blake’s Emily Ann Roberts, Team Blake’s Barret Baber, and Team Gwen’s Jeffrey Austin.