HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe it? Can you believe that “The Walking Dead” has kicked off its 10th season? We’ve lost a lot of crucial characters over the years, some major staples, some not so much. Last year we were dealt with a blow when we lost Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes. Also news surfaced last year that Danai Gurira aka Michonne would be leaving the series as well. Like I said last season, when you lose crucial characters like Rick and Michonne it starts to take an impact on the series.

The season premiere episode, “Lines We Cross” picked up where we left off after last season’s brutal battle against The Whisperers which led to the death of many crucial characters. One thing that is certain is a war is brewing. SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the episode please stop reading now. The episode opened with an aerial shot of the planet before a TITLE screen popped up that read: ‘TRAINING DAY.’ Judith was part of the crew, who were on the beach near Oceanside as they prepared for possible attacks from walkers. It was intense, yet absolutely fun to watch. I mean if our protagonists have such weaponry and skill of this magnitude they should be prepared for anything headed their way.

Everyone was bonding, including Michonne and Daryl, as a washed up mask scared everyone. How so? Remember at the end of season nine our heroes agreed to a truce with The Whisperers to not cross their borders. Yes, we lost many favorites last season, but giving into The Whisperers demands were silly if you ask me. Uproar about that agreement started to splinter amongst the group with Aaron voicing his concerns to Michonne, who started to question the deal.

It was a sad moment watching Judith share details to KJ about their father Rick, who she coined the ‘The Brave Man.’ Jeez, if only they knew that Rick was very much alive and in the care of Jadis of all people America. A fiery satellite caught the attention of everyone as it headed towards a landing.

Where it landed would be crucial and we’ll discuss more about that later. Back in Alexandria, Eugene got us to taking care of a baby, specifically Rosita’s child with Siddiq, with Father Gabriel not far behind. I’m still trying to figure out how Siddiq and Rosita hooked up. All I can say is Eugene looks like a natural as a parent, but Siddiq is struggling big time, and he’s haunted by the horrors that Alpha and her crew unleashed on him and those who were killed.

Negan was a splitting image of Carl as he did some gardening, while warning Lydia to watch her block. Hmm, it almost felt like Negan was taking on the role of a father figure for Lydia. I mean they are both indeed outcast amongst the civilization and can Negan ever fully be trusted? It looks like Kelly might be losing her hearing, as Connie reassured her if it does happen, they will cross that bridge when it happens. Now we get to the juicy part of the episode, the return of Carol. Carol has been off living on a boat, and I think that was a direct result of her dealing with her grief with Henry’s death. One thing that is certain, her relationship with Ezekiel is caput. They had a brief exchange, but it was so brief it was like the guy was an afterthought. However, it felt like the writers were pointing at the possibility that we could FINALLY see a relationship blossom between Carol and Daryl. I mean these two are indeed besties and continued to bond over their plight. Daryl like Michonne wanted to adhere to The Whisperers orders, but Carol, not so much. I mean these two even talked about running away together to explore the world.

That thing in the air was a satellite that crashed near the Oceanside causing a major fire at the camp. As everyone worked diligently to put out the flames, walkers descended upon them, and instead of trying to manage the fire, they used the flames as a tool to take out the walkers. Smart idea, and a nifty one at the same time. Daryl did his best to convince Carol to stick around, and at first I thought he had no chance, but that was until the final moments of the episode.

How so? Carol laid eyes on Alpha and the look between these two women screamed that war is coming, and I can see Carol wanting vengeance against Alpha for killing Henry and I cannot wait to see these two women duke it out. “The Walking Dead” is back people, until next Sunday die-hards!