HOLLYWOOD—Last week “The Walking Dead” had a slight ripple in the narrative by focusing the attention solely on Morgan. This week’s episode, ‘Now’ brought things back to the forefront in Alexandria. Deanna was first to come to grips that the community will never be the same after the bloodshed. Rick, Michionne and the others just barely made it back to the camp as the walkers arrived ready to eat plenty of brains and body parts.

Rick did his best to instill hope for the residents of Alexandria, as each took a turn discussing how they survived. Aaron admitted that he was responsible for ‘The Wolves’ arriving in town because of his choice to focus on what he wanted and not the others, giving them access to his photos and his backpack. The structure that was once evident is falling apart as residents decided the portioning of food was no longer an issue of importance. Aaron and Maggie shared a moment as it was apparent that a bloodshed was about to erupt, and she was prepared to go to war, especially since her hubby has gone MIA.

Spencer did his best to try to break through to his mother Deanna, who was an emotional basket case. Everything that she has worked for was completely unraveling in front of her eyes and it was no easy pill to swallow. It became apparent that Jessie is becoming more acclimated towards survival mode; the more that she sticks around Rick, the more she becomes like a member of his crew.

Maggie was determined to find Glenn and Aaron decided to tag along to help her; his guilt is really eating away and him. The duo ran into some frightening walkers in the sewers, and when it looked as one of the two would met their demise, Aaron stepped to the plate rescuing them both. Something is telling me that Aaron might soon meet a bloody demise. His desire to redeem himself for the onslaught that ripped his town apart seems to be a narrative drive to tragedy.

It became apparent that Tara and the town’s newest doctor could soon become an item, as the new doc placed a kiss on the unsuspecting one. Aaron and Maggie found themselves at the end of the tunnel, and her intuition proved to be correct as walkers came inches from dispatching of them. The moment fans had been speculating for weeks was confirmed: Maggie is indeed PREGNANT! She emotionally broke down with the possibility that her husband may not return back to her.

Jessie did her best to get her son Sam to return downstairs, Deanna unleashed her rage on a walker, just as Rick did his best to talk some sense into the leader who finally unleashed a bit of emotion. Both Maggie and Aaron took measures to keep hope alive by erasing the names of Nikolas and Glenn from the wall of those who have departed. The audience knows Nikolas is gone, but the verdict on Glenn is still up in the air. I mean, it could have been Nikolas’ body that was being ripped apart by those walkers.

Rosita gave some kudos to Spencer alerting him that while some may have complained about his inability to properly protect the town, his actions protected the wall in the community from being shattered. Rick and Jessie shared a tender moment that ultimately led to the two finally sharing a kiss that seems like years in the making. Hmm, I wonder how Jessie’s children will respond to their mom hooking up with the guy who was responsible for killing their dead.

The final moments of the episode culminated with a very angry Deanna walking towards the gate of walkers, little did she know a small crack was emerging in the wall? Indeed looking forward to next week’s episode, as the attention turns back to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha. I have a feeling one of those characters will bid adieu to us before the season five finale wraps. Until next Sunday “Walking Dead” die-hards!