HOLLYWOOD—May sweeps have kicked off and many of your favorite soaps are finally dropping bombshells on those characters that have been kept in the dark for weeks, in some cases for months. Well the big baby mystery that has been haunting “The Young and the Restless” has been revealed, well sort of.

Last week, Sharon confirmed her worst fears after having a DNA test conducted and realizing that her son Sully is actually Nick and Sage’s supposedly dead son Christian. Yep, Dr. Anderson pulled a switcheroo that has left many Genoa City residents hoodwinked. Soon after Sharon discovered the truth, Sage learned the baby that she grieved for was actually alive and has been under her nose for weeks. This led to an epic confrontation between Sage and Sharon where the woman who can’t seem to catch a break (Sharon), was forced to do her best to cover her tracks yet again.

When Sharon refused to reveal the truth to the rest of the world, Sage chose it was time to run off and let Nick know about their son. Sharon followed behind with Sully in tow. Oh, Sharon, why couldn’t you just for once admit the truth? When are you going to learn that keeping a secret never ends well for anyone? During her pursuit on the road, Sharon drove at an alarming speed. Sage made a phone call to Adam, not Nick to alert him about Christian, let the drama ensue. In the midst of that phone call, Sage lost control of her vehicle and crashed.

Sharon stumbled upon the scene, where Sage begged Sharon to see her son one last time before she took her last breathe and begged, I mean begged Sharon to inform Nick that Sully is actually his son. Sharon made a promise, but we all know she won’t keep that secret. Sage died, and Sharon was faced with the possibility that keeping things secret would prevent heartbreak for her, Dylan and a ton of other people. Sharon has done devious things in the past. She kept secrets involving the paternity of Summer (wrecking a ton of lives in the process) and so many other heinous crimes it’s hard to list them all.

What is more troubling involving this situation is the fact that the writers actually killed off Sage in the midst of this epic reveal. It just feels like bad taste in my opinion. A mother grieving months for her child that died, and as soon as she learns her son is alive she gets killed! I feel like this is a complete ploy for the writers to drag this paternity storyline for several more weeks if not until November sweeps. Please, let’s seriously hope “The Young and the Restless” gets a clue and doesn’t utilize that cheap trick to extend a storyline that is dragging way further than what it should.

Nick is a complete mess with the loss of his wife, while Adam and Chelsea are in panic mode. Why? Well, they know that Christian is not Nick’s son, he is Adam’s. I’m stunned that these two are covering that voicemail that Sage left regarding Christian’s paternity. Chelsea should know better, she already kept the paternity of Connor from Adam and left Dylan hoodwinked for weeks. For once, the woman who tots herself as being a matriarch of doing all things right, could receive a wicked tongue lashing from a host of people, but mainly Nick and Dylan. Poor Dylan, this bombshell when it comes out will shatter him, but I feel even worse for Nick whose world will be destroyed when the truth is unearthed.

There is plenty more happening during May sweeps for “The Young and the Restless.” For starters, Abby is still grieving the loss of her child after taking a tumble. What appears to be an accident, the viewers know to not be true, because that little Devil Max purposely set a trap for his stepmom. Abby is well aware that Max caused her fall, but Stitch isn’t buying her claims. It’s a tricky slope and I’m surprised that writers are going down this route, but it is interesting to say the least.

The Passkey drama has fizzled, but Billy and Victoria are still at odds, just as it becomes apparent that Jack and Phyllis’ relationship is cracking more and more each day. Hilary is continuing to prove that her old ways never disappeared, which is causing her to alienate Ashley, Simon, Devon, Neil and a host of other people who never liked her to begin with.

With so much drama unfolding, we can’t forget to talk about Victor and Ian Ward who have become prison pals. Yes, it’s just a matter of time before the great Newman plots his escape, but at this point does anyone really care if he gets out? About a month ago I would say yes, now, not so much. “The Young and Restless” is hitting the fast-forward button on some storylines that should indeed explode before the month concludes.