UNITED STATES—I hate to hear people talk so much about not being able to find work, and they are not actively searching to find a job. There are plenty of companies out there offering job opportunities, but I see so many teens and young adults stuck in this bubble of not wanting to work.

They always want someone to fork over a paycheck their way. Yes, I’m speaking from experience from dealing with younger brothers who don’t seem to get it, but continue to expect the world to be given to them.

I mean to see someone not have a drive to work and to make their own money baffles me to say the least. Of course, I would not want to teach kids or teens that money is more important than anything. We already live in a world where most people consider money to be the root of all evil. We all want it; some have it more than others, while others will do almost anything to get it. Well it starts with work people. Even if it starts at the beginning stages of life, they will forever discover the concept of ‘going’ to work never ends and any job is better than no job at all.

Yes, most Americans start out with part-time work; this aligns with the notion that most of us get that first job while in high school. Well, now that I think about it, only a handful of my friends (including myself) actually worked while I was in high school. The rest seemed to be ambivalent about the idea of work. It all begins at an early age; there are those who want to work and those who don’t.

For parents dealing with kids who don’t seem to have much motivation, you have to find a way to motivate your child about the importance of earning his or her own money. I mean, I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn’t gained my first job until I was in college. To be honest, I think I would have been completely lost, had poor money management skills, not value the power of money and a host of other things to say the least. I started work before I was an actual teenager by cutting lawns.

I obtained my first paying job when I was 16 and from there, I haven’t ceased to work. In some cases I’ve juggled 2-3 jobs at once, while in school full-time. Yes, it’s no easy task to indulge in at all, but you do what you have to do to survive. I have brothers who work a job for less than a month, before they quit or get fired because of their lack of commitment or what I call, ‘paycheck overload.’ They get that first check and after they have it they no longer care about work.

The money from that one check will not last you forever, so you have to be wise about how you spend it. If not, you’ll be back at square one, or perhaps you should do what I do: continue to work so that consistent paycheck continues coming, allowing you to save on top of saving. What annoys me the most about my siblings is the fact that they whine and complain about not having a job, but they are doing little to nothing to find work. Don’t just fill out applications every blue moon; you should be aiming to do so each day until you can find a job.

I tell people all the time, the worst thing you can do is quit a job that you hate, before having another job lined up to take the place of the job that you despise. It’s best to put yourself in a position, where you don’t suffer. Trust me, I understand it’s a tough pill to swallow biting your time at a workplace that seems torturous, but that is 10 times better than worrying about how to pay rent, the mortgage, put food on the table and deal with your other bills which continue to pile up as you look for work.