HOLLYWOOD—Well, that was quick people. The season 1 finale to Tyler Perry’s TLC hit series, “Too Close to Home” arrived Monday night and there was plenty of unfinished business to take care of. This week’s episode, ‘The Evil Dragon’ picked up precisely where last week’s episode ended with Anna witnessing Bonnie and her former lover Brody getting busy at the kitchen table.

It was indeed an awkward moment as it was apparent both Bonnie and Anna knew what transpired, but neither were willing to come out and say it. It was a happy reunion between Dax and Victor, and per usual Valerie continued to wield her prowess as the biggest b***h in the room. Could Anna, Bonnie and Brody stop dancing around the elephant in the room? Brody finally spoke his mind just as Bonnie realized she couldn’t hurt her sister. Wow, these two actually belong together and to see Anna get jealous when Brody was the last person she was thinking of frustrates me to the core.

J.B. was silent on Horace’s disappearance which became more complicated when the authorities got involved. When Sheriff Mobley demanded J.B. turn himself in for beating up Victor he refused. What the hell? You’re the authority figure, just arrest him and place him in the slammer! J.B. begged for more time, but his dealer was adamant he wanted his money and he wanted it now or else. For once, Anna fought back against Valerie and her incessant attacks. Bonnie overheard the conversation and intervened to protect her younger sister. Bonnie dropped a bomb on Anna regarding J.B. dealing drugs and that she was assaulted.

Why, oh, why in the world is Valerie still in Happy, Alabama, she needs to get the first ticket out of town as soon as possible. She attempted to break the ice with Brody and got a slice into the life of Anna that she never expected. That was a hilarious line from Brody, about those locals in Happy who actualyl went to a ‘u-ni-ver-sity.’ Finally, a hearty laugh on this show that was least expected. Dax was stunned to learn that Brody’s father saved Victor’s life. Jeez, now Valerie has her claws into Brody. This guy has 3 women begging for his affection.

Brody’s day went from bad to worse when J.B. arrived to beg for money looking to mortgage the farm to payoff his dealer, and it looked like the brothers were about to get into a fist fight. Rebel unleashed a bit of frustration on Anna about her affair with the president. Not a great day for Bonnie and Anna, as they were forced to deal with Shelby and her antics. Shelby and Anna had a war of words, where Shelby started to divulge all types of secrets. Yeah, Anna was stunned about Bonnie and Brody’s hook-up, but not by too much because she witnessed it firsthand.

Shelby dropped a deep dark family secret with the revelation that their father molested them, and Anna was the person who warned the police about what their father did. Wow, that was shocking, totally shocking, that Shelby and Anna’s children are a result of incest, not to mention Bonnie buried multiple children as a result of her father’s actions. Man that tore my heart apart, because I knew Shelby might have been molested, but I had no idea that all three sisters gave birth to children because of their father. Hell, I would not have run from Happy, Alabama, I would have vanished from the place.

The final moments of the season finale saw a sisterly bonding moment interrupted by J.B. who attempted to drag Shelby away with him to get the whereabouts on those drugs that she stole. She alerted J.B. that she sold those drugs to the Kilber Boys, and when J.B. attempted to accost Shelby by placing her into the truck, gunfire erupted and that’s what you call a cliffhanger people!

For those wondering if the series will return, I’m happy to announce “Too Close To Home” was renewed for a second season. So we’ll know who gets shot and rather those injuries turn fatal.