HOLLYWOOD—The 2023 Tribeca Film Festival began on June 7 and runs until June 18, and this year’s lineup doesn’t disappoint. For those that know me, know that I’ve been covering the Tribeca Film Festival since its inception, it was launched in post 9/11 in downtown New York, and only missed one year in April 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions since it was closed. I attended the kick-off party which was held at Spring Studios, in Tribeca, where everyone mingled for hours.

Super-friendly people were present. As always, the films can be watched in person or online, and as a journalist, believe me many to choose from. So get that caffeine in. Some of the films to watch at Tribeca 2023 are “Stan Lee,” a spotlight documentary by director David Geib. He needs no introduction. When the Marvel Comics visionary passed away back in 2018, he didn’t just leave a legacy in pop culture behind. He also left recordings capturing his entire career. Director Geib captures never before seen footage for his fans to see in this documentary. The idea about learning about one of the most influential figures in pop culture is awesome and exciting.

The film “The Graduates” captures director Hannah Peterson in her directorial debut about the somber and vulnerable feeling of a community coping with loss. It also captures Genevieve (Mina Sundwall) up against an unsettling senior year as she faces the one-year mark of a tragic school shooting that took her boyfriend. The film is full of anticipation, growth and marred with trauma and loss that feels like purgatory rather than progress.

Then we have “A Strange Path” by director Guto Parente. The film finds David, a filmmaker returning home to Brazil after his premiere of his film at the festival. Due to the sudden rise of COVID-19, he ends up getting stuck in Brazil without any resources leading him to seek help from his father who he hasn’t seen since he left ten years ago. Excited to see this film!

“Downtown Owl,” based on Chuck Klosterman’s 2008 novel of the same name, the film boasts a star-studded cast that includes Ed Harris, Lily Rabe, Henry Golding and Vanessa Hudgens. Set in fictional rural North Dakota town in 1983, the story follows a new high school teacher (Rabe) who upends the lives of locals right before a snowstorm hits. Oh, he’s really getting around.

Nick Jonas fans look out! The singer stars as “emotionally distant” writer Renn, who returns home to Cleveland for his mother’s funeral, having spent years avoiding his high-strung sister Brittany Snow, with father Matt Walsh and untrustworthy step-father David Arquette. Back in his hometown, he strikes up a new friendship with charming Alexandra Shipp who pushes him to realize that he can’t avoid conflict forever with his family or within himself.

In “Cinnamon,” Hailey Kilgore leads the cast as an aspiring singer and gas station attendant Jodi Jackson, whose life is turned upside down when a robbery occurs at her work. David Iacono also stars in this thriller as charming crook Eddie.

First time female director, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star Chelsea Peretti makes her debut in this ensemble comedy set in a small local theater in Glendale, California. Chelsea, who served as a writer and producer on the film, leads the cast as Sam, a playwright working for the theater.

When the theater’s director is fired for inappropriate behavior, Sam is thrust into the leadership role, where she quickly discovers that being a director may be a lot more challenging than she originally thought. Let’s not forget, the film “Uncharted,” which takes us behind the scenes of Alicia Keys. “Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive” tells the story about the legendary disco legend Gloria Gaynor that shares her life story in this new biopic.

Rose’s Scoop: Lizzo’s “Special,” biopics about Cyndi Lauper, Carlos Santana, the indigo Girls and Biz Markie. Feature films “Lost Soulz” a drama set hip-hop starring Suave Sidle, a concert film of Taylor Mac’s musical extravaganza, showcasing three decades of a 22-piece orchestra and a host of special guests. Hip-hop movie “Wild Style,” with Milli Vanilli controversy with Frank Farian that led to the duo’s demise. Plus many more films.