ANTELOPE VALLEY—A distracted California motorist was hospitalized after driving his vehicle into oncoming traffic. David Slavitt, a 32-year-old actor who vlogs under the YouTube Channel name LameDuckG, was conducting a live recording of himself behind the wheel when he drove into the path of a big rig on Thursday, April 26. Slavitt was returning home from the set of a movie when the collision occurred.

Just before the collision, the video shows the truck in the reflection of Slavitt’s glasses. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Steve Geraty described the incident as “a case and point for the dangers of distracted driving.” The CHP determined that the wreck happened because Slavitt did not halt at a stop sign, which put him on the wrong side of David Orozco’s moving truck. Around minute 44:42 of the live stream, a chatting Slavitt abruptly stops his vlog with a scream as the tractor trailer hits his driver’s side door.

According to authorities, Slavitt was airlifted to Apple Valley Hospital, suffering from moderate to severe injuries related to blunt force trauma. Orozco, 58, was unharmed in the collision.

“This individual luckily did not lose his life in the collision,” said Sgt. Steve Geraty. “This could have been a family of five going to school or worse and the fact of the matter is that he’s the only injury in this collision is lucky.”

Slavitt posted a pic on Sunday, April 29 with him lying in the hospital bed with a brace around his neck, and the word “I’m still alive guys.”