HOLLYWOOD—I talked about how not much has transpired on “The Young and the Restless” in recent weeks, the same sentiment can be echoed for “General Hospital.” I guess the end of the year, just ushers in those slow moments or storylines. At the forefront right now is the revelation I suspected for some time, I was just waiting for the confirmation. What is it? The fact that Willow, was the birth mother of Brad and Lucas’ bundle of joy, Wylie.

There is a major hiccup in this mayhem. Willow suspects her son is very much alive, but we all know he died the night that Brad took Nelle’s child and passed it off as his own. What’s the problem? Julian persuaded Willow to not fight for custody of her child, even though he was well aware that her son had already died after Brad confessed the dirty truth. Yeah, this is quite messy because only Julian is aware of Willow’s true linkage to the child and if she starts to blab it could turn into World War III. Why? Brad knows Wylie is actually Michael’s son, and has been keeping the truth from the rest of the world. Julian doesn’t quite know that Wylie is actually Jonah and if that bomb comes out, the war between Sonny and Julian could reach feverish heights.

Willow’s presence will indeed make Julian uncomfortable; I’m just waiting for the moment for Willow to spill the truth to Michael about her actual grief. It has been teased and teased, but it’s apparent a coupling is in place for Michael and Willow. Yeah, the writers attempted to make something happen with Chase and Willow, but the sparks just ain’t there people.

I said it before and I’ll say it again because the pendulum is starting to swing in that direction, Lulu and Chase are a much better pairing. We’re seeing a bit of flirting and I’m certain that flirting will eventually move into a direction of romance. I mean Dante is nowhere to be found, and has been off the canvas for quite some time, which opens the door for Chase to slide in. Continuing with our journey of romance, it looks like Valentin’s latest ruse has worked to his advantage, because Nina has warmed up to him. So much to the point that they slept together!

Nina has always been a sucker for love and since discovering her daughter ‘Sasha,’ Nina has been on cloud nine. There is one major problem, Sasha is NOT Nina’s daughter and when that truth is revealed I sense Nina not just hating Valentin, she might want to get revenge on him with a bullet. For now, Dr. Liesl Obrecht is keeping Valentin’s secret, but not from his own doing, simply because Peter grew a conscience and decided not to throw the book at his tormentor. I mean Peter has to own his role in his brother, Nathan’s demise because of his duplicity.

Things with Peter and Anna are warming up, just as the sparks between Maxie and Peter are surely heating up. Which brings us to the next big tale of the hour: what is going on with Sonny, Carly and Margaux? Carly does NOT like Margaux, and I feel “GH” is going down that same path yet again, where Sonny falls for the DA, a relationship blooms and as fast as it rises it comes crashing down in epic glory. I know I’m not the only viewer hoping not to see this tale told yet again with a different face. I don’t know if I can take another fracture from Carly and Sonny to only see them reunite a year or two years later. Sorry, but not sorry, that storyline is getting old.

My biggest grip is the fact that a serial killer is on the loose storyline has taken a back seat for the last 2 weeks. I mean we just lost a major character, and it’s as if the story has come to a complete halt. Come on, why hasn’t some crucial clue come to light. I mean Ryan is tormenting his brother inside a padded cell, and no one in PC has seen it or find it suspicious that Kevin is always at Ferncliff? It looks like this tale might not pick up more steam until the New Year ushers in. Be aware the biggest power player right now is Obrecht who has leverage not only on Nelle, but Valentin, when and if she chooses she could drop two truth bombs that will shake Port Charles for months to come.  Until then “General Hospital” fanatics!